Prancercise, Prancercise! This Gal’s Got Giddy-up In Her Step and a Workout That Gets Us Outside! MUST WATCH VIDEO

Oh Boy!!!! 

Move over Jane Fonda, Biggest Loser, your spin class. The newest exercise gone viral is Prancercise. Walk, trot and gallop your pounds away by channeling your inner equine!

I don’t care that she is wearing AWEOME white, spandex pants and whilst gold jewelry flies all over the place. This woman ROCKS. She is hilarious and seriously into it all at the same time.

And, guess what, she is moving her body – giddy-up, giddy-up – and getting outside!

What an inspiration to not only to the entire salivating, writing-team over at Saturday Night Live and the entire You-Tube parody empire, but also to bored exercisers all over the planet.

Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire YOU!  (And, yes, i'm now on my way to purchase my OWN pair o' white, spandex, giddy-up pants.....) 

ROCK ON, Joanna Rohrback!

Namaste & Three Gallops to the Left – OM

P.S. Thanks reader AH for sending!

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