A Grizzly Bear Ate This Dude’s GoPro Video Camera!... Ever Wonder What It’d Look Like To Be Eaten By A Bear? Well, Now You Know -- Must Watch This (And, No, These Aren’t The Bernstein Bears…)

As we bear-country hikers know, there’s nothing more, well, ominous (uh, not omnivorous) than hiking through a quiet area, finding a giant (gulp) fresh bear scat, and then “fa, la, la” singing aloud, out-of-tune Ebony and Ivory duets to each other all the way down the rest of the trail......

.....and even discussing deeply avoided, repressed emotions from when you were five or the boring weekend (zzzzzz) world-series bowling results to keep the conversation going nonstop in booming, “we’re here!!!” voices.... all to avoid a run-in with The Three Bears and their Crazy Cousin, Mr. Ripyourfaceoff.

Well. Speaking of ominous nuts, here’s this crazy guy with a cool hat and some Duck Dynasty facial hair setting up his GoPro (the latest in mobile video-taking for active folks) in the middle of Alaska.

The massive, hungry grizzly bear decides the GoPro shall be his mid-afternoon snack. And we stare, directly, right, into, and down down DOWN and UP the bear’s giant, slimy throat. 

As if we are getting swallowed whole….. COOL!!!!!

You must experience the first 1:40. After that, it’s just a literal romp in the stream. Gorgeous.

Enjoy every tasty morsel. And let’s keep ourselves, and our gear, off the dinner plate. Whew!

Namaste & Three Cheers! - OM

ps. In case you ever wind up facing one of these guys, here's a little tip: the-best-way-to-survive-wild-animal-attack


  1. What!?! No, no, no, no, no! I was literally holding my stomach with one hand and my mouth with the other. But, it makes me miss AK! And with my husband heading back up there in just a few days, I'm thinking I'll have him brush up on his how-to-keep-a-beast-away-from-your-camera skills!

    1. isn't it awesome!!! i'm still laughing. and, uh, best of luck to your hubby! maybe the iPhone video isn't as delicious.... ???