Run Like a Girl. New Gear. Spring 2017

Photographer's STORY: How giddy do we get when a new piece of gear shows up at the front door? Kiss the terrified package-delivery-guy inappropriately giddy, yup #epicStory #trailRunning #gearPorn  -a


Balanced Rock at Sunset. Arches National Park. Utah USA

Photographer's STORY: Sunset comes and the rocks start to glow and we feel as if we've been transported to an otherworldly planet like Mars or beyond. Massive, odd, towering shapes defy gravity and jut out of the earth in random, awesome weirdness. The rock "balancing" on top is the size of 3 school buses. Just wow #epicStory -a


Delicate Arch. Arches National Park. Utah USA

Photographer's STORY: Even bad-arse adventure photographers have occasional squishy hearts. And our hearts crack on this gorgeous, giant-blue-sky day in Utah as we watch this sweet family of six gather themselves underneath one of the most iconic landmarks in America's national park system....It's a hot, uphill hike and a strain for the younger kiddos out there on the trail today and we can just feel their collective positive energy -- together bursting with pride at making it to their goal -- as they link their hands and throw their arms into the air to celebrate. Our hearts grew three sizes today...wink! I love this moment. I love this #epicStory #believe -a


After Sunrise Mesa Arch. Canyonlands National Park. Utah

Photographer's STORY: We meant to wake up before the rest of the world 4:30am for sunrise shots but deep sleep cycle said otherwise so we wing it and are still blown away by the colors. Huge winds are blowing through Utah today so the skies are whipped up frothy latte color. Continued gasping at national park geological, magical formations. wow #springBreak #roadTrip #epicStory -a


Spontaneous Road Trip. Moab, Utah. USA

Photographer's STORY: It's the end of ski season in the Colorado ski mountains. So in a spontaneous moment, we jump in the wagon and head to Moab for a 24 hour road trip. Only 4 hours away and worth every single gorgeous mile #springBreak #lovetheWest #epicStory #giddyap -a