Motherhood Part Two: When Your First Born Grows Up and Makes a Sandwich (Sob!) It’s a Bittersweet Moment

Growing Up to be Like his Dad (Sob!)
Ahhh. Home. So as I was away adventuring on the red rocks of Utah, my 11 year old had decided that my homecoming present would be the subtle gift of: growing up.

Something has happened to him and his fuzzy-almost-teenager brain during the few days I was gone. I think I shall call it: Beating to his own drum. Because, from what I can notice, since I’ve been home, there’s been an independence. A maturity. A will to do it his own way, not in a belligerent mode, but in a subtle: “Hey, Mom, I’m growing up” mode.


What the hedge happened?

Possibly, he’s been moving in this direction for some time. And only in finding my own fresh-air, adrenaline filled, out-of-mommy-mode, adventure for some space….. was I able to come back and SEE and notice the growing “man” that he’s becoming.


Making his own sandwiches. (Sob!) Gathering his Lacrosse gear 4 times a week without me having to sort, seek, and go on a GPS tracking mission for a lost elbow-pad. (Sob!) Caring about his hair – “Mom, I really need a haircut…” (Sob!)

(Caring about his hair?????????)

Seemingly such little things if you are a non-parent. But, oh just you wait, friends with no kids yet.... You’ll be in this same, pathetically-tortured yet wonderful boat as I am right now someday! You'll see!

And as for me: It’s a verclempt moment for this mama. Growing up.


Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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