The 5 BEST Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Mamas! Leave the Store-Bought Flowers for the Rookies, Guys, We Mamas are Looking for Adventure!

Outdoorsy Mamas Looking for Some Adventure this Mother's Day!
Ahh. Mother’s Day. Another Hallmark created moment intended to drive men/husbands to swerve off the highway last minute for a run into (cringe!) Safeway or the guy on the side of the road “2 dozen – 10 dollars!” …

Wilted, decaying, slightly weary flowers are pressed into our hands, but gosh-darn-it!, you REMEMBERED!!!

Well, how about a little help this year, Guys? No more wilted flowers and more fun & cool ideas to appreciate the gal in your life in a way that’s sure to make us swoon…..

Top 5 BEST Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Mamas:

#1 -- Handmade Blobs of Art – Never, ever underestimate the emotional, eye-welling power of the handmade art blobs and creations the kids make. This will top my list every-time, every-year.

#2 -- A Romantic (and Totally Cool) Paddle Boarding Date for 2 – It’s all the rage for both core-workout and coolness factor. And making it your “date” – instead of the usual Sea Bass encrusted dinner at the local, fancy, how-much-was-that-wine? restaurant – is SO much more interesting and engaging for us mamas. And, bonus!, is sure to get to us in the mood… Find a calm river, ocean, lake, estuary. Book the sitter. Rent from your friendly outfitter like Sea Trek . And get out on the water, together!  

#3 – A Hot, Little Hydration Pack – No doubt about it, hydration packs are HERE and are smart and are hands free hiking musts! Clunky water bottles are great, but for fast movement and non-stop action, a quick sip from the valve is all a mama needs while our arms are otherwise engaged in clamoring, paddling, rappelling, (or, yes, wiping the snot off of our kids’ noses.) http://www.rei.com/category/4500632

#4 – A Techno-Forward Mountain Bike – Time to belly up for a fresh mountain bike for us worth-it mamas! The kids are getting older and we can now teach OUR kiddos how to hop curbs and fly downhill without arse-over-tea-kettling over the handlebars onto a rocky slope. Great social workout. Great family time. Do it! Mountain bikes like these....

#5 – A High Altitude Picnic for Two (or More…) – Plan the hike. Pick the vista. Pack the backpacks with wine, cheese, salami, organic fruits and veggies and throw in a couple of PB&Js if the kids are coming, too. Surprising us mamas with a High Altitude Picnic in a gorgeous location will 100%, hands-down make our day! (And maybe our year!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas. And Happy Worshiping Mamas to all you motivated, awesome guys! And, most importantly this weekend, have FUN.

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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