Bleary Eyed, I Wake Up at 7:30am on a School Morning After a Night Out at the America’s Cup Pavilion with Sting and 9,000 Other Frozen & Feisty Friends. Bay Area Things To Do, California

Sting and 9,000 Frozen Fans at the AC Pavilion!
Last night I got a free pass to break from the usual Sunday night routine (pick up your socks! find your homework! feed the dog! oh, that’s right, we no longer have a dog!) and headed into the city for a rare Sunday eve treat – a concert under the stars at the cool, new, America’s Cup Pavilion.

Built in a temporary, outdoor space between pier 27/29 overlooking the Bay, the venue will be dismantled as soon as those massive, Star Wars-ian, fastest-boats-on-the-planet decide who will be champion of the world come September.

But for now, the AC Pavilion was rockin’ with 9,000 bodies stuffed into parkas, ski outfits, muckluks, sleeping bags, extra Mt Everest expedition gear - whatever warm item we could find on a FREEZING, marine-layer, June evening in San Fran to watch Sting, aka Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, freeze along with us on stage and pull out his life-long classics including his Do Do Dos and his ultimate ode to that lucky lady named Roxxxxxanne.

Like a hot cup o’ spiked cocoa, his voice we’ve known for generations warmed-up even the coldest popsicle-like people in the audience. And thank gosh for that – three encores later we were elated and finally defrosting like 9,000 little ice-cubes melting in a giant, red bowl as we pounded on the bleachers for More! More!

Cut to this morning. My 5th grader: Mommmmmm, wake up! It’s 7:35

Kids running around, wild-haired and un-fed. Daddy gone on business for the day.

I’m manning the scramble-to-get-ready-for-school ship, solo. Paying for a late night......Worth it. Even if my toes are still numb.

Namaste & Three Cheers –OM

Highlights include:
June 21     Steve Miller Band
July 18      Counting Crows and the Wallflowers
July 25      Weezer
August 11 Train
August 27 Steely Dan
Sept 7       Sammy Hagar
Sept 21     Fall Out Boy with Panic! at the Disco


  1. Oh, I remember walking past all the America's Cup banners and wishing I could be there. So fun! Enjoy it all for me!

    1. will do and stay tuned for more.... races start in Sept!