Prancercise, Prancercise! This Gal’s Got Giddy-up In Her Step and a Workout That Gets Us Outside! MUST WATCH VIDEO

Oh Boy!!!! 

Move over Jane Fonda, Biggest Loser, your spin class. The newest exercise gone viral is Prancercise. Walk, trot and gallop your pounds away by channeling your inner equine!

I don’t care that she is wearing AWEOME white, spandex pants and whilst gold jewelry flies all over the place. This woman ROCKS. She is hilarious and seriously into it all at the same time.

And, guess what, she is moving her body – giddy-up, giddy-up – and getting outside!

What an inspiration to not only to the entire salivating, writing-team over at Saturday Night Live and the entire You-Tube parody empire, but also to bored exercisers all over the planet.

Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire YOU!  (And, yes, i'm now on my way to purchase my OWN pair o' white, spandex, giddy-up pants.....) 

ROCK ON, Joanna Rohrback!

Namaste & Three Gallops to the Left – OM

P.S. Thanks reader AH for sending!

Lace Up Those Hiking Boots & Hydrate Like Heck – June 1st is National Trails Day!

The American Hiking Society is putting on a spectacular outdoor show on Saturday all around the country in honor of the AMAZING trail system we’re all so lucky to enjoy.

Here’s the link for finding out about the activities sponsored by these guys all throughout the United States. Find an event near you!

Bay Area folks can take a look below and follow this link for more information. Grab the kids and see you out there! 

Marin, Muir Beach/Dias Ridge. Enjoy great views while helping with fence removal at Dias Ridge. Be sure to bring your hiking boots to hike up Dias trail to the project and maybe take a stroll through Muir Beach when you are finished.
Time: 8:30 am–1 pm (Registration: 8:30–9 am, Lunch: Noon–1 pm)
Details: Volunteers ages 15 and up are welcome. Project work will be moderately strenuous.
Lands End/Fort Miley, San Francisco. Help construct a new section of trail to be used by neighbors and park visitors. After the project, stay for a celebratory barbecue and tour of the new trails facility. If you are feeling like you have more to give, help us out in the afternoon to finish off the new trail.
Time: 8:30 am–1 pm (Registration: 8:30–9 am, Lunch: Noon–1 pm)
Details: Volunteers ages 15 and up are welcome. Project work will be moderately strenuous.
Presidio of San Francisco. Join the Presidio Trust and help improve trails, restore habitat corridors, and spruce up this spectacular park.
Time: 9 am–1 pm (Registration: 9-9:30 am, Lunch: Noon-1 pm)
Details: Family-friendly project, volunteers of all ages are welcome.
Mori Point, Pacifica. Learn about this unique site while helping maintain the popular Bootlegger steps. We will remove vegetation growing in the stairs and enjoy great views of the ocean.
Time: 10 am–1:30 pm (Registration: 10 am, Lunch: 1-1:30 pm)
Details: Family-friendly project, volunteers of all ages are welcome.

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM


Top 10 Camping Foods To Bring on the Family Camping Trip So Our Kids Don’t Starve and We Feel Like a Champion!

Nothing like good old hot dogs for a camping favorite!
Oh boy, with June around the corner, camping season is near and I can just hear our Marriage-Saver tent squeaking, “Lettttttt meeeeee outttttt!!!” from the depths of our crammed basement.

If you’re ready to stretch your camping legs like we are and eager to start getting organized, well, here we go! Let’s talk food and our Top 10 Must Brings for any camping trip. (BTW, we’re talking easy camping here, not backpacking into the wilderness of large animals and many miles o’ tromping with enormous loads on our backs….)

Top 10 easy foods to bring camping with your family:

1.     Marshmallows. Sticky, sweet, jam them on a stick & roast ‘em over your campfire. If you and your kids aren’t covered head to toe with some sort of marshmallow goop-residue by the time you get home, you might as well not go in the first place. Marshmallows are a MUST, so turn around the car, find a 7-11, bribe the campers next to you. Your child MUST have a flaming black or melting brown marshmallow at a campfire each and every night.

2.     Granola Bars. Crunchy, munchy. Not so popular at home for snack as they can taste sorta like like horse food, but in the wilderness, everything tastes better and it’s a great, healthy energy boost that can easily be tucked in a pocket or pack. Check!

3.     Hot Dogs. Remember those Oh I Wish I Was An Oscar Meyer Weiners? Well, that’s what I’m talking about for the kids or some fancy sun-dried tomato with Gruyere sausages for the adults. You pick your level of tasty weiner. A hot dog on a hand-gathered stick is probably the second most fun thing to roast on the planet during an evening under the stars. And it evokes a Norman Rockwell-esuqe sense of nostalgia for us parental types. Try it!

A ravaged bag of marshmallows from our last trip!
4.     Shake & Pour Pancake Mix. Ok, this is pretty ridiculous, and I can hear Martha Stewart and that Fancy Italian Lady and all the other foodies cringing in the corner, but camping is all about quick nutrition with convenience of preparation – so don’t let it scare you (though it does scare me a little.) Grab a JUG of pre-made shake&pour pancake mix, Bisquick makes a version, and go to town in the morn as day breaks and you will be the most popular mommy and daddy in the wilderness and on the planet flipping those pancakes! Best of all, no giant bowls to clean.

5.     Fresh, fresh something green, growing, fresh! Baby carrots, blueberries, small sized apples for a full crunch and go. Romaine lettuce: I tear off a spear and the kids eat it like a carrot. Crunchy, juicy, yum and we don’t have to feel AS guilty with all the marshmallow inhaling going on every single night.

6.     Your Favorite Chili. Cook it ahead at home. Freeze it in pint sized ziplocks. Thaw it over your camp-stove or fire. There’s no happier camper than one with a warm belly full of bean and beef chili after a day of playing in the woods! (You can also prep a quick and easy veggie chili right at the campsite using canned veggies, beans, tomatoes and spices.)

7.     Eggs & Bacon. You know that dream? That dream where you wake-up to bacon sizzling and a giant smile grows on your face? Now bump that dream a up notch where you are waking up in your TENT in the fresh, crisp, mountain air to the smell of bacon. Ooooh. Let’s give that lasting, bacon-y, olfactory treat to our kiddos like my folks did for me! (Or maybe it was the campsite next to ours that did it for THEIR kids and I sucked in the memory as mine? Hmmm. Must revisit in therapy tomorrow.) Anyway, we’re big into turkey bacon over here, much less messy and just as tasty.

8.     This is a new, golden star: CAMPFIRE CONES! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Take a sugar, wafer ice-cream cone and fill it with marshmallows, semi-sweet chocolate chips, chopped banana, and a dollop o’ peanut butter if you’d like. Roll it up completely in tin-foil. Put it onto the grill. LET IT MELT. Unroll and voila! Oohey, gooey deliciousness held together relatively neatly in a sugar cone. Wildly popular!!!

9.     Speaking of Bananas. Bananas! They bonk and bruise easily, but they are absolutely worth treating like your first-born newborn for the trip. A fab, healthy energy hit for the kids when they’re acting like wild monkeys roaming the woods anyway.

10. Chicken & Veggie Kabobs. Prep at home and throw chunks o’ chick and veg into separate ziplocks. Skewer on site like a champion or skewer at home for even less camp-side work . And here’s the bonus: no forks and even no plates necessary. Woo hoo! Now that’s our kind of cooking!

And there it is, our Top 10. Do you have any other favorites or “musts”? Definitely share below -- as we need to share these vital tips amongst us campers to make our trips as smooth and easy as possible, no doubt!

Namaste & Happy Marshmallow Roasting to you! -OM


Bucket List Item: 5 Tips to Make Your World Renowned “Mountain Play” Experience Even More Spectacular. Bay Area, California

Daddy Von Trapp and his curtain-wearing kids belt out tunes on the side of Mt Tam
Gorgeous San Francisco Bay in the background

Have you ever sat on a real mountain-top with a cooler of wine and fab cheese instead of in front of the boob-tube and listened to Maria Von Trap belting out her famous Doe-a-Deer and Climb-Every-Mountain world famous tunes?

Well, now you can!

Welcome to the world famous, the renown, the 100th year of The Mountain Play, a spectacular outdoor musical extravaganza located virtually on top of the Bay Area’s 2,500 foot Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California.

This is a bucket list item. Write it down and check it off! The link to the meaty FAQs of the play is below including the fact that it is hike-in-hike-out if you wish, but in the meantime, here are five, HOT TOP TIPS to make the day extra great:

Tip #1: Make a day of it. Get your families’ fannies and your friends’ fannies in your cars and get up there at the crack o’ 9am to get good seats when the gates open. Yes, that’s 5 hours before the play starts. Yup, FIVE hours. But you’re not stuck at an airport during a 5 hour, hair-pulling, mind-numbing delay during a snowstorm – you’re on the side of a mountain, surrounded by hiking trails and fresh air and a great group of friends. Laugh, breathe, connect, consume, hike, and do it all over again.

Tip #2: Gather a great group of friends to do it with you. ‘Nuff said. The more the merrier and it’s a venue that can hold almost 4,000 of your BFFs so you can invite even the in-laws or your estranged great uncle Bert!

Tip#3: Wear layers like you’ve never worn them before. We went on Sunday on a gorgeous, blue-bird day. On the way up in the morning, I was in my black Marmot parka. As we found our seats, I stripped down to my sleeveless tank. Got even hotter, so on with the dollops o’ sunscreen and cowboy hat. Hiked over the ridge, oh boy, the fog is coming in, back on goes my purple mid-weight fleece. Then over to the venue again for show time, back down to the tank. Half way through the show when the Von Trap kids are wearing curtains illegally and getting whistled at by their bewildered father, hmmmm, time for the parka again. Hike back to the car, down to the tank. Be prepared.

Tip #4: Pack snacky food and leave the big meal behind. Yes, bring lots of food and go wild with fanciness and divine picnic, orgasma flavors galore! Cheese, olives, baguette, fruit, wine, beer, and stuff for the kiddos. However, the gang is distracted by the vista and the adventure and no one is really that hungry for big, heavy food. Keep it more snacky snacky, yummy, yummy. Easy prep, easy eat!

Tip #5: When the two NFL linebackers come sit directly in front of you after you’ve been waiting for 5 hours and you now can not see the stage when the show starts and can only see two, massive, 4 foot shoulder spans with hats on their heads, laugh it off and enjoy the show! Again, ‘nuff said. We leaned a little to the left. Then we leaned a little to the right. It is all good. (And extremely unusual luck!)

And when the fun is all done and Maria and the Von Traps have finished climbing all their mountains from Austria all the way to a cross-country ski resort in Vermont, hike down the 7 miles to the town of Mill Valley, take the free shuttle bus or find your stashed car.

It’s an experience of a lifetime. An otherworldly view. And an amazing day with friends in the fresh air.

Bucket list, for sure.

Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

P.S. It's been announced -- South Pacific in '14!


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A year ago the Universe announced the arrival of Outdoorsy Mama and look at all the fun we’ve had!

From Stinky Keens to Sexy Wolves to Lance Armstrong’s Naughtiness from a mother’s perspective, it’s been a blast sharing the adventure of parenthood with an honest, crack-ourselves-up POV while also exploring the Great Outdoors with ya’ll.

Thank you all for your unbelievable support and energy and excitement about the topic and the journey. Voted #3 Outdoorsy Mom blogger in the USA -- the World??? -- by you guys as well…………. We feel the love!

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