Moonlit Hikes in a National Park, S’mores and More Family Programs with NatureBridge

Family Night Hike with NatureBridge in the Marin Headlands.
The group of laughing families gather around the cozy campfire after a round of games and sing-alongs and even a ukulele serenade. We’re all here for the evening Moonwatch Program with NatureBridge set in the stunning Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of three national parks that NatureBridge runs family programs out of.

Two of my kids are with me tonight for and they are happily sticking giant blobs of marshmallow into the fire and creating massive S’mores that will fuel them for the hike up into the Golden Gate's Marin Headlands.

Happy S'more kid fueling up for the night hike.

Bellies now full and kids energized, binoculars are carefully distributed by NatureBridge staff to the kids and adults and off we go up into the hills to learn about the phases of the moon and to look for evening creatures as we hike along.

Learning about the different phases of the moon as we hike.

NatureBridge is a non-profit whose educators bring science to life in national parks around the country. They engage kids and families in hands-on environmental lessons while walking, hiking, scrambling and exploring throughout the parks. The kids have blast being outside and meanwhile they’re learning, being inspired by nature, and ultimately become motivated to help protect the natural world.

Circling around the campfire after games and songs for S'more making before the hike.

You’ll find NatureBridge family programs in Yosemite, Olympic and where we are in the Golden Gate. And you’ll also find happy, engaged kids running up and down the hills, poking at things, peering through binoculars, and generally having “the best night ever, Mom!!!” all evening long.

The fall schedule for the Golden Gate is now available with full descriptions of events including the festive “Hike the Headlands Day” on September 20, 2015 with beer and food and snacks and, of course, hiking for all ages and abilities.

So gear-up. Get outside. And explore!

See you on the trails. –Outdoorsy Mama

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Moonwatch: Family Night Hike & Campfire - Nov 21
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Disclaimer: NatureBridge invited me and my family to join them for an evening program free of charge to experience the fun. All opinions are definitely my own.