When Nature’s Tornado Crushes a School……… and then Another School. We Continue to Ask the Skies, Why?

Update: To Help

-text STORM to 80888 to give to The Salvation Army
-text FOOD to 32333 to give to Oklahoma Food Banks
-text REDCROSS to 90999 to give to The Red Cross

Tornados are the most dangerous storm known to mankind – with winds spinning anywhere from 300-500 miles per hour, it’s a vortex of trouble. And terror. And massive, crushing destruction.

A few years ago, flying home from an East Coast graduation right around this time of year, my one-stop flight back out west was grounded in Ohio due to tornados dotting all up and down Tornado Alley in Central USA. 

At 11pm all of us passengers were stranded at the airport for the night. And when I finally found an open hotel room, they let me know that they’d just had a tornado warning and all guests had just been hiding in the hotel’s “ballroom” for an hour.

It was terrifying. Feeling vulnerable. And helpless. 

And alone.

So when I pull up on the news today that an elementary school in Oklahoma has been flattened by a tornado, and then another. I can’t help but feel that vulnerable emotion again. And then I think of the parents of these children. And their emotions. And the horror of the moment.

A grieving parent had no chance here. And we question the ways of the Earth. 

Let's send them all our strength. And courage to manage the worst.

Namaste – OM

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