Kathmandu Stupa and Blue Skies. Nepal #adventureTravel

Photographer's STORY: We've landed in Kathmandu, the staging area for the psychological and and actual apex of all outdoor adventure - the Himalayas - and are eager to explore while our systems adjust for a few days to the intense travel. Stopping for lunch on the second floor of the bustling plaza which circles the deeply powerful Bouddhanath Stupa, we are treated to a unique, open window view of the restored temple with the gorgeous, green Kathmandu "hills" in the distance. The temple was partially destroyed by the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal two years ago. To see it shining, the prayer flags floating, and to feel the vitalness of this sacred moment on such a blue-bird sky day makes all hearts crack open. Letting it all in. This is travel. This is adventure. #nepal #mountainsarecalling #microphotostory -a


Anticipation. Flying into Kathmandu. Nepal #adventureTravel

Photographer's STORY: Have no idea which time zone we're in anymore. Flying days and nights all mixed up yet how incredible we are now landing across the world. Huge, green, Nepali valleys dotted with villages, roads greet us as we soar closer and closer to land. Salivating. Anticipating. Hello Kathmandu. I've been waiting for you. #nepal #himalayas #photostory #love 

Note: This photStory was originally published on Instagram on in June. After putting down the screens and logging off for a month, I'm picking back up from where I left off...