50 Shades of Grey Wolf & the Big Bad Sexy Wolf Halloween Costume

Big Bad Sexy Wolf? The New 50 Shades of Grey Fairy Tale...

In honor of October 31st's ghoulish and girlish and ridiculous costumes, today I re-post an old gem originally posted a year ago - one of my most popular blogs to date.... read here to see why! Boo!

I’d just read that they’ve taken the Wolf off of the Endangered Species act in Wyoming.

So when I was at the pop-up Halloween extravaganza store yesterday scanning the aisles and costumes with my kiddos amongst the Naughty Dora the Explor-oh-yeah-baby! and Ally Catraz Prisoner handkerchief sized costumes for “big-girls”, the BIG BAD SEXY WOLF costume jumped out at me.

First of all, it’s a whole rewrite of the “3 Little Pigs” story. Tell me how that story would go now with the Big Bad Sexy Wolf showing up instead….. “And I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll……..”  Ahem, YOU fill in the blank. Pigs high -fiving all over the place, texting their pig-friends at this 50 Shades of Grey Wolf porno about to be acted out….

But, secondly, and to the point of this piece, the grey wolf in Wyoming may be sexy and may be big, but apparently it’s the furthest thing from being bad. In fact, in another almost ridiculous 50 Shades word-play moment, it’s been great for the beavers. The beavers in Wyoming are thriving from the increase in population of the wolves. Which is why I almost titled this article: WHY THE BIG BAD SEXY WOLF IS GREAT FOR OUR BEAVERS. Ahem.

And wolves are not only good for our beavers, but they also “have a powerful effect on the well-being of the ecosystems around them – from the survival of the trees and riverbank vegetation to, perhaps surprisingly, the health of the populations of their prey,” according to the Op-Ed piece “Why the Beaver Should Thank the Wolf” by Mary Ellen Hannibal in this Sunday’s New York Times.

And this is why a group of non-profits are challenging the federal government’s decision to remove the Big Bad Sexy Wolf from the Endangered Species Act.

We need to protect our sexy wolves.

And the Three Little Pigs.... and even a Little-Red-Riding-Hood Gone Wild…. just might agree.

Namaste & Three Cheers- a

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Bay Area Hikes: Hiking the The Johnstone Trail in Tomales Bay State Park, California. Grab Your Hiking Boots, We'll See You There!

View from the Johnstone Trail in Tomales Bay State Park

Hike:       Johnstone Trail in Tomales Bay State Park, California
Length:   @ 8 miles round trip
Location: Tomales Bay State Park near Point Reyes National Seashore - Northwest of SF
Difficulty: Gentle trail, minimal elevation, minor switchbacks

Fall screams - HIKING WEATHER! - to me. I just can't stay inside with the crisp mornings and apple-picking sunshine days. So "Off!" I turned the computer. "Yank!" I grabbed a few fun friends. And "Zoom!" - we headed out for our adventures...

We discovered this gentle, lush hike during the Government Shutdown a few weeks ago. A last minute "You've got to be kidding me!", when our original hiking plans were derailed with the closure of all National Parks, made us re-boot and look for other, less obvious options. 

The road less traveled led us to the Johnstone Trail in Tomales Bay State Park, located between the Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales Bay, now well known for it's oysters and freshy food and kayaking adventures.

Map of Tomales Bay State Park
Arriving at Heart's Desire Beach early - the key for parking, as once the lot is full, they won't let you in - we hit the trail at 9am and followed it up a gentle slope, through a mossy forest of curling and curiously otherworldly oaks and bays, as if transported to and earthy world of storybook creatures. 

Following the trail up to it's peak through the vegetation, we found a tree-framed view of Tomales Bay poking out to the East. And a little further along, a sweeping view of Point Reyes National Seashore to our West. 

Manageable switchbacks swooped us down, down to the peaceful Shell Beach, where we pulled out our squished PB&Js - or our organic, grass-fed, kale sandwiches - and enjoyed a quiet moment of "we made it!" and watched a group of kayakers out in the bay paddle along in their crayon-orange line of boats.

On the way home, we took the "Jepson Trail" half-way through to explore new territory. And returned to our starting point at Heart's Desire Beach, which was now completely full of picnicking families and paddling kayakers and kids splashing and BBQ smells galore. 

Note: that this trail is not about broad scenic vistas. It is mostly in the trees and offers a gentle hike in fresh air with little pop-out rest spots on beaches along the bay.


Namaste & Three Cheers - OM

For more detailed information, check out these links:
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National Parks Re-Open Today. Thank you rational people in Congress!

Yosemite's Half-Dome happy to see park lovers again...

p.s. yes, i'm still on vacation climbing mountains, but had to send a quick post celebrating the great news.


Woo Hoo! Check it Out HERE, the Trailer for Warren Miller's "Ticket To Ride" Movie To Get Us Pumped for Ski Season!

Psyched for ski season? Me too! ........ While I take a break to climb some mountains before the snow sets in, ENJOY Warren Miller's "Ticket2Ride" Trailer to get us all pumped for another awesome ski, shred, jump off of cliffs like a maniac ski season! Woo hoo!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM


Gorgeous Vermont Leaf-Peeping: Autumn is a second Spring. When every leaf is a flower.

Leaf-peeping colors from the top of Snake Mountain, Vermont
Photo credit: Anne Truslow

"Autumn is a second Spring. When every leaf is a flower." 
-Albert Camus

Thanks to reader AT for sending in her photo of the changing colors from the top of Snake Mountain, Vermont. 

The gorgeous reds, the burning oranges speckled-in with evergreens make for a calico of Fall-foliage artwork. 

I smell the apple cider, cider donuts and maple syrup calling me home. 


Namaste & Three Cheers - OM


Parking Area for our Local GGNRA Hikes Closed? What the? Dang You, Shutdown!!!

Parking area for our local access to GGNRA closed. What the???
Well, well, well. Reading all about the Shutdown on Twitter and Yahoo and yappity yap radio programs is all well and good, but when it affects me and my neighborhood hiking -- there's hell to pay!!!

This is the sign that greeted me today at the trailhead of the GGNRA hike that starts just miles from our house. Luckily, on further, close inspection and confirmation from a savvy friend, it's only the parking lot that's been closed. The trails are still open for use. 

Whew. I was really nervous for those Congressmen for a minute.

But, seriously, businesses all over the country are getting throttled by the Parks' closures and OutdoorsyMama is no exception. As a fun, new adventure, I am experimenting with some trial group hikes for any and all who live in the Bay Area to come join the fun. 

But, with snags like crappy, nonexistent parking and ticketing Rangers (apparently the one thing they have not shutdown is PAYING the man-hours for Rangers to ticket the cars of people who are trying to still enjoy the trails who are parked in wonky spots along the road en route to the closed parking lot.) Head spinning? Mine too!

Let me try this again... With snags like crappy, nonexistent  parking and ticketing Rangers, I'm going to hold off on the group invite and just subject some local guinea-pig, outdoorsy friends to try some hikes out under the OutdoorsyMama leadership and my lucky partners, and see how it goes. 

So stay tuned everyone. More announcements to follow and possibly some cool, new adventures with rockin', fun, interesting, meaningful peeps for you to meet up with!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

Sick of the Shutdown? Me too. Read this:
5 Ways to End the Shutdown

Mine/Thine Homework? 
Have a voice in the shutdown. Make some noise! 


Products I Love.... My Nike Free 5.0+ Running Shoes! Mini Product Review

"Nike Free 5.0+" -- Products I Love
No more clomp, clomp.

These sneaks make my feet feel like i've slipped on a pair of comfy, barefoot slippers while I trail run, boot the soccer ball with the kids, wander thru the Whole Foods aisles seeking gluten-free goodies, and tromp the incessant hallways of blogger conventions.

All in snazzy, "retro" neon-pink that remind me of my pimply years in high school. Gag-me!

They've seen everything over the last 4 months. Doggie poo, bear poop, gum gloop, rain storms, wet trails, Vermont trails, Cali trails, pavement and tacky carpets.

And are still a favorite.

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

For more techy details & reviews:
Foot Locker Reviews
Video Review - who knew!


Does the Government Need a Mom to Come In and Tell Them To WORK IT OUT? Consequences, Quiet Time, and Hugging-It-Out for the Toddler Behavior in Congress. A 5 Step Solution. MOTHERHOOD PART TWO

As a mom of 3 kids within 3 years of each other, much of my time is spent in the area of conflict resolution. “Yes, yes, I know he touched you with his pinky nail on your right, outside elbow hair... but that doesn’t mean you can whap him with your giraffe.” And “Guys, stop wrestling over the bag of Cheesy Puffs, there’s enough for everyone/

But the worst is when they’re squabbling over something that is pretty darn clearly brought on by one of them digging in their heels. The “My Way or the Highway” he or she-devil that surfaces in one of the kids from time to time.

And here’s the perfect segue to the shutdown in DC right now. And who better than the hilarious and point-on Jon Stewart to explain what the hedge has happened here and why we are in this predicament.

WATCH THIS video, and then read on: Jon Stewart's Rockin' Shutdown Eve VIDEO - Watch Now! 

Ahem. WHILE OUR BELOVED NATIONAL PARKS ARE NOW CLOSED and families are now not being paid - while the very loud, very shiny-teethed people in Congress who created this whole mess are still collecting a paycheck - something’s gotta be done.

So here’s what we do in our household when this happens – MOM TAKING CHARGE and cutting the bull-hoogie.

1st step – Deep breath – Realize we’re witnessing: Toddler Behavior – It’s all about ME. And I’ll hold you hostage with a giant tantrum until I get what I want.

2nd step – Remove the Toddler from the limelight. No more interviews. No more speeches. No more meltdowns at the supermarket. Cut all stimulation that gives an audience for the bad behavior. Enforce quiet time.

3rd step -- Start applying Consequences.

#1 Consequence – Take away their toys -  No Angry Birds, no Minecraft, no Candy Crush Saga for the kids. No twitter, no Facebook, no CNN or FOXy news outlets for Congress.

#2 Consequence – Hit ‘em where it really hurts - No playdates for the kids...... No pay for congress. NO PAY FOR CONGRESS. This is the ultimate, “Noooo, Mommmy!!!” consequence. Use it.

4th Step – Hugging it Out – If the above steps haven’t created a shift in behavior, I then release my secret weapon #1. The dreaded “Hugging it Out” solution to which my children react as if being thrown into a torture chamber.

Grab your least favorite sibling or Democrat and hug. Hug for ½ hour. Not in a gross way, you perverts, but in a connecting way. Feel the anger start flowing away after about 10 or so minutes, and feel the silliness come in. Realize that your “worst enemy” is a warm-blooded human being and that you can calm your inner-boil and move forward with humor and civility and work it out.

Hug until you feel the flexibility move in. A smile creep on your face. And a reminder that there are bigger problems in the world than your Toddler, ego-centric view on taking care of people. And there can be resolution for the greater good here. Movement.

And only if Steps #1-4 don’t work, then we head to Step #5. Which is a “Moms’ Only” Top Secret. Only to be applied, used, unleashed in the dire situation that Steps 1-4 still haven’t shaken the Toddler behavior out of reasonable folks.

If we need to dig out Step #5, find me, and I’ll give you the secret password which sounds something like: “Big Old Twap to the Bottom”

But just this one time, people, as a last resort! And, darn it if some of those Congress people just might enjoy that. Urp.

Namaste & Three Cheers! & Enough of this Silliness, Congress - OM

PS. I have never, ever used a “Twap to the Bottom” as a consequence, but it was just such a perfectly cheeky ending to the piece that I couldn’t help myself. I don’t condone this sort of solution. But in the spirit of keeping this light, it’s funny to say it with a Jon Stewart wink. 

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