Ice Skating in Yosemite National Park. Epic Family Winter Activities

My ankles are already wobbling in anticipation of hitting the ice rink tucked into the Curry Village area of Yosemite National Park. Mittens, hat, warm puffy jacket on, I head to the rental counter to grab my rockin’ rental skates. I’m feeling like a giddy, little school-girl with memories of teetering around as a kid on frozen ponds in Vermont.

I lace up my skates by the rink’s roaring fire-pit and I’m wiggly to get out underneath the gorgeous full moon that’s been ordered to light our festive skating party tonight.

My first few turns are straight out of a slapstick video – careen to the left, tip-toe-slide and skid to the right, ohhhhhhh nooooooooo. I run into the innocent, wobbly-skater in front of me.

But then, the flow happens. Childhood muscle memory takes hold, like riding a bike, and I’m able to sort of begin a more coordinated gliddddde around the rink. Without taking out any of the other friends I’ve come with for a change.

All of us outdoorsy types come to Yosemite for countless winter activities, and what a treat that Yosemite has this glorious, little rink for families and folks of any age. All you need are some feet and a little bit of fearlessness and you too can be gliding around on ice skates in the shadow of the world famous Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Brave friend Theresa rockin' the ice skates with me.

After many, many spins around the rink to the point of almost dizziness while we rock to the awesome tunes coming from the rink’s speakers, I’m now following my friends off the ice and we gather around the huge fire-pit that’s crackling away. Next up, the perfect apr├Ęs ice skating treat – S’mores!

Sticky marshmallow and graham cracker concoctions with chocolate oozing everywhere are the perfect finale to a trip down ice-skating memory lane. The shop has them right there, ready to buy with all the fixings, and we’re all now a little goofy from the sugar rush.

Back onto the rink to burn it off like a group of sugar-bombed second graders..... Could there be anything sweeter? I think not.

What a treat. Take a second and take a walk down memory lane and create some magic for your own family.

Get out and skate. In Yosemite National Park. Yes! 

–Outdoorsy Mama

More Info:
Ice Rink Dates: Mid-November through Mid-March. Weather dependent. Be sure to check on conditions.
Hours: Rink is open for 2.5 hour skating sessions intermittently throughout day.
Cost: $10 kids; $11 adults *2015-16 season
Skate Rentals: $4.50
Helmets? Available for free upon request.
Contact: Curry Village Ice Skating Rink or 209-872-8319

Where to stay?
Try the mid-range Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. More low key and reasonably priced with the unbelievable location - just steps from the world famous Yosemite Falls inside Yosemite National Park. 

Disclaimer: Yosemite DN hosted a media event however all opinions are absolutely my own.