New Profile Pic, New Year, Let's Get Back to It, Shall We?

Back from the parenting abyss of pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas, pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, New Year's, Naps After New Year's, Back to School…… ahhhh. 

I've found myself again.

So, time for a new profile pic for a new year.

Outdoorsy Mama

Kids tucked into the sides of me on top of Alpine Meadows Ski Area in California. Overlooking Lake Tahoe. Bluebird day.

It's going to be a glorious ski season. Even if Mother Nature has completely forgotten how to produce snow in the Northern California area. Modern technology/massive snowmaking is keeping the slopes white and fun!

(Though, come on, Ma Nature, time for a refresher course.) 

Let's get things going again, shall we? Inspire me. Make me laugh. Create adventure. Calm. Centered. Real. Get out there and enjoy!

Be. Breathe. Do it. -OM

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