Outdoorsy Mama’s Excellent UTAH Adventure: Postcards From The Edge…. Of the Cliff, of the Kayak, of the Canyon, of the Cinder Cone, of the Dune, of My Bike, of the Red, Red Rocks, of my Belay, of Zion – The End

Late Afternoon Bike, Hike to the Top O' The Volcanic, Red-Rock World in Southern Utah!

Dear Diary,

I’m standing on a 5 mile long, Anasazi ridge next to the Santa Clara River Valley. Saying goodbye to Southern Utah after an unbelievable visit of exhilarating adventure, peace, and reconnection. 

The ridge and the people have a 2,000 year old tradition of greeting and celebrating a Full Moon here. And, tonight, my last night here, as that glowing, orange, giant, full orb creeps up from the horizon, it’s as if I can feel the power of the history of all those footsteps gathering. All those footsteps times 2,000 years. 

Call me crazy, but there is something spine-tingly magical about this place. A center of energy, a grounding that makes even the most adrenaline and Red-Bull filled, psycho-adventure-junkie… Stop. And Breathe. And Hear.

A connection with Ma Nature and her wild, red rocks.

If I could create a million postcards to share the visual feast of it all with you, I would. If I could hand you a vial to drink of the sensation of the place, I would. But you’ll just have to come see for yourself. And maybe, if i can sneak away again, I’ll come back with you!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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