Thursday, May 31, 2012

The BEST Family Tent Ever: Coleman Rocks the 6 Person “Instant Tent” Marriage Saver

Marriage Saver: One Minute Tent

Forgive me Dad, Camping Gods, and anyone else who is an aggressively pure camping guru, but I have found perfection.

Have any of you seen the recent commercial with the couple who is struggling to set up the tent while the thunderstorm rolls in? 

You can hear the clanking of their attempts to connect the rods which are flying in all directions and not cooperating. 

You can see them struggling to push the rods into the teeny tiny little slots that need to travel the length of the tent and always, ALWAYS get stuck somewhere along the line. 

You can imagine them swearing, walking away for a deep breath, and putting a hand out as the raindrops start falling. We’ve all been there & have all cursed the weather and camping and whose-idea-was-this-gods at the level of frustration this can bring.

Last summer, we were in need of a new, family tent. Off to REI! Was the initial instinct for that cool, techie tent that could withstand the wooly winds of Everest -- even though, at this point, we were merely Champion Car Campers with our young crew of kids.

But then, a miracle happened: a friend, a brilliant, brilliant friend, had just been to the Outdoor Mecca of Aisle 57,000 at Chez Target. There, stuffed next to camouflage sleeping bags and mosquito netting, was the epic item: THE ONE MINUTE, SET-UP or TAKE-DOWN “INSTANT TENT” with poles PRE-ATTACHED.

No need for flopping and cursing of un-cooperative poles in the dark. No need for dirty looks at your spouse when the kids are whining and hungry. No need for thrashing around with the rain-tarp: “gald-dang-it, which way’s the front???” – the built in Weather TEC System keeps you dry…Guaranteed!

And when we took it on our trial run in the gorgeous redwoods last summer, this 6 person tent practically walked itself out of the boot of the car and popped itself up all on it’s own! While my neighboring dad-friend spent nearly 30 minutes wrestling the 20 foot poles for his 6 person gale-force ready tent, we took our extra 29 minutes to explore the campground with the kids and laugh behind his back.

Coleman, you are a beautiful company. And you may have just saved many, many a marriage & increased the likelihood that we get our fannies out into Ma Nature that much more. Love it, hate it? Let me know! Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent, $169.99

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM


  1. Curious if your raving review held up after using several times through out the summer? I'm looking for a tent I'll be able to set up by myself with 4 kids playing around. Thanks!

    1. hey again Michelle! it held up to the excitement and energy of our rambunctious family all last summer. however, it's an inexpensive tent relatively speaking, so i'm not holding my breath at this point for this to be of superior durability and quality..... i'd like to be surprised and find that it holds up for many, many years not just a few. but honestly, if the kids are wrestling in it w/their buddies (how we broke our last tent) then that bodes less well for it's life-span..... grab one, keep the receipt, set it up (in one minute!) & see what you think! and def lemme know. good luck and have fun w/the kids!

  2. Where can I buy this Coleman tent ? I have 7 people, can I use it ?

  3. I have the same question. Could you provide me where i can buy it with good price ?

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  5. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent from Bizarkdeal

    I personally purchased this tent for one weekend of camping with my friends. There were four of us sharing the same tent and we we're able to fit both our queen air mattresses inside with additional space to walk around, which I loved. The room divider was a great addition, it allowed privacy for changing / sleeping and it was still really easy to take down when we wanted to be in one big open space for games and meals. I think one of my favorite things about this tent was the ventilation. I'm not by any means an expericienced camper. Tents tend to make me feel cramped and sticky but due to the extra ventilation in the ceiling and Windows I actually felt very cool & comfortable. It was in the upper 80s and lower 90s all weekend too so I was pretty impressed with both the tent and myself. Normally I would have woken up in the night feeling all sticky/ icky and Id head to the car to spend the rest of my night in the air conditioning! This past weekend I spent both nights in the tent & I slept through the night.

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