Newtown, CT. Moms & Dads Around The World Unite In Horror & Action

It’s taken me a few days to write. Because each time I sit down at the computer, I find myself composing a letter to the parents of the children slaughtered last week.

My stomach churns even now as I write.

The visceral reaction that I feel. That the whole world feels. But especially we Moms and Dads. Whose every-waking-moment’s purpose is to make our child feel SAFE. From the womb until forever, we carry, protect, calm. From the hand-holding across the street. To the baby proofing of stove handles and pointy coffee tables. To the car seats, ski helmets, seatbelts. To the organic food we overspend on to keep our children healthy, safe. The visceral reaction comes from a deep, cell by cell place.

But these parents of these slaughtered children. There wasn’t any single thing they could have done last Friday with a helmet or an organic carrot.

And it makes me sick.

And it makes me want to reach out and protect the hearts and minds of the Moms & Dads of these children. And say: You did your job. You did your job.

There was nothing else they could have done.

But there is clearly something we can all do now. It is starting. The wave. The action. Protect our kids. Protect our families. Protect innocence.

It is a move towards good public health for the whole nation. As you would care for your own. Get involved.

Here are a few links. Make a difference. 

Namaste -OM

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