Who Remembers Ranger Rick? Now There’s Ricky, For The Younger Kiddos!

New Educational Mag for Little Kids 

Did you grow-up nuts about animals?

The magazine Ranger Rick, published by the National Wildlife Federation, has been around for 50 years for kids ages 7-12. Now they’ve just come out with a Junior series for the littler folk, 4-7 years old, called Ranger Rick Jr., featuring a rascally Ricky Raccoon as their mascot. 

I wonder if that’s who got into our garbage can last night. $#$#@#@, Ricky!!!!!!

And, halleluiah, parents! For those dinners at nice restaurants and endless airplane trips, Ricky even has his own iPad App called “Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures” – a digital storybook focusing on a single animal each time. Healthy, good-for-them screen time….. (right?)

Adopt An Armadillo at NWF!
I love the National Wildlife Federation. From Ranger Rick from my childhood, to the snazzy new Ranger Rick Jr. and it’s new App, to the Adoption Center that NWF has on it’s website: Adopt an Alligator. Adopt a Tree Monkey. Adopt a Sloth!.... 

It’s a worthy cause to support, and a fun and informative gift for the animal lover in you to share with your kiddo.

Check it out!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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