Cool New Kayak Idea – Check This Origami Kayak Out, Adventurers!

Super Cool Foldable Kayak Fits In Your Closet & Floats Too!
I went to the IDEO Winter Faire in the city last week so I could pretend to be REALLY COOL and hip and get out of my fatty pants covered in dog hair for a while. 

It’s the kind of holiday shopping craft fair that is NOT filled with grandma’s lace doilies and knit covers for your jam jars. (Though god bless those grandmas!) This place was full of fresh, IQ-brilliant innovators, hawking their goods. Including the super cool, super creative, super practical: Origami Kayak.

This is not a cute, little, 2 inch long kayak ornament for your Charlie Brown Tree. This is a 12 foot long, water floating with human being inside, real sized kayak – that then, when you un-snap the snaps, folds up like a giant piece of origami paper into a portfolio looking size box that has a carrying strap. Which then gets easily thrown into the back of your Prius, mini-van, monster truck with all the strollers, groceries, wet black labradors, and kids.

Possibly a perfect, perfect, PERFECT toy for space challenged kayak-enthusiast, outdoorsy folk without endless storage space… like most of us!

There are so many more cool details about their story and the construction that you can find on their website. It’s worth checking out Oru Kayak. Even just for the awesomeness of the innovation. Rock on smart, kayak-design people!

And check out their video (and their Kickstarter campaign.) My favorite, laugh-out-loud moment, is the gal carrying the kayak in the Subway in her black dress and make-up. Hoo! Video of Origami Kayak Design

Now, en fin, I’m looking forward to their next project. I propose an origami husband.

Namaste & Three Cheers to you all! -OM

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