Wow! Over 5,000 Page Views and More Rockin’ Outdoorsy Parental Disaster-ly Stories Ahead for 2013!

2013 Is Going to Rock!!! 
So Get Your Hiking Shoes On!
Well lookie here!

See what happens when you go on Christmas Vacation and forget the power cord for your laptop?


Now over 5,000 page views from loyal, happy, silly, (bored?), fascinated, expecting-hilarity page viewers like YOU! (And maybe a few chilly Russians looking for a slice of typical American life…Stinky Keens!!!)

I am deeply honored.

And having FUN.

Which is the point.

Now..... onto a big HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone involved. And to ski season and snow stories and Northern California “winter” stories (ie. sledding on mud) and more bungling-parenting stories galore!


Thanks everyone and stay tuned….

Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

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