5 Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming NOW - Eat, Stay, Play in the Great Outdoors

The Tetons. Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming

I’m rubbing my eyes over and over, can these mountains be for real? Winter, spring, summer, fall, no matter the season, if there is anything I can do to get back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I’m going to make it happen. Why?

1 - Tetons
Massive, jagged peaks burst out of flat, ranch land and rivers into the Wyoming sky as if formed by some wizard’s wand. Each turn on the road and trail creates a new, sawtoothed, alpine formation, now even more dramatic with the fresh snow covering the tops of the Tetons when I arrive. Put Grand Teton National Park on your list even if purely for the gasping, visual sense of magical mountain awe.

Jackson Hole Ski Resort getting ready for the season.
2 - Epic Ski Mountain 
I’ve skied my whole life and hitting the slopes on the infamous Jackson Hole ski mountain is still in the works. It’s all steeps and deeps, giant vertical, and, according to locals, loads of backcountry trails that are easily accessed from the resort. Located 12 miles north of the town of Jackson, be sure to bring your peeps and pump up those ski legs. 

Massive bull moose grazing in Jackson, Wyoming.
3 - Wild Animals 
I literally bumped into wild animals as I explored the valley, including a bull moose calmly grazing with the mountains springing up behind him. I was treated to an untamed, Wild West safari of buffalo, elk, moose, antelope, hawks, and high-alpine pika.

3 - Cool Ski Town People 
Let’s face it, these are my people. They have settled in remote Jackson Hole specifically to live and breathe the mountains and they’re passionate about the outdoors to the point of obsession, a quality can I certainly relate to. Instant connection about nature, outdoor lifestyle and surviving in the rugged West makes me salivate for more stories and information about the area and I just live to soak in their wilder spirits. They'll do anything they can to make it work to stay here.

4 - Outdoor Adventure
Between the hiking trails in the national park, the National Elk Refuge, the skiing, horseback riding, white water rafting, and fly fishing, this place is a mecca for outdoor activity year-round. High on my list is to return for an overnight horse packing trip or spend time at one of the many local, dude ranches, as the tradition of “cowboy” still rules here. 

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Jackson, Wyoming.
5 - Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Visions of Blazing Saddles dance through my head when I think of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar located as if on an old-fashioned movie set on the central square of town. I pull on my boots and kick through the swinging doors - not really - for a few nights out on the town that always end with a visit to the Million Dollar bar. Ask a friend who’s been to Jackson; many, and most times there’s a story or three that has to do with shenanigans in, around and because of the bar. What happens there, definitely stays there, giddyup!

Lunch at Dornan's in Moose, Wyoming.

Where to eat out of the fray, chill, local style:
Breakfast - Persephone Bakery. Highly delicious French inspired treats and excellent coffee for morning kick-start. 
Lunch - Dornan's Pizza Pasta Company. One of the few places open north of Jackson during off season, enjoyed a solid quesadilla and soda water from the bar with the most extraordinary view of the Tetons. A locals place when the crowds are gone & where I got the best stories. 
Dinner - Pinky G's. Big slice of greasy, delicious pizza coupled with a Jenny Lake Lager. Friendly staff, you'll join locals lining up especially late night.

Where to stay:
Budget - The Ranch Inn. Basic hotel, centrally located in town near the action.
Middle - Snow King Resort. Located on the edge of town next to a small ski mountain but still walking distance to town. Full service resort.
Luxury - Amangani. Luxury destination resort set outside of Jackson towards Grand Teton National Park.

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