Top 10 Qualities to Look For in An Outdoor Adventure Partner

Summit of Mt Tamalpais, SF, California, with my kid and my "little" brother, two of my favorite adventure partners.
On any hike, adventure or exploration we head out on there’s always a need to make sure we’re doing it with someone who has the right mix of qualities that will make for a totally epic yet also safe adventure no matter the level of risk. 

Close your eyes — who pops into your head immediately as your favorite adventure partner? I feel so lucky to have a long list of people who I can call on to join me. Tops on my list are my son who has begun excelling in the outdoors and learning vital skills as he's grown into a teen. And also my brother, who is my original adventure buddy from when we were kiddos way before seat belts and helmets came on the scene. How did we ever survive those days??

So, given that, what are some of the attributes we look for in a partner for outdoor adventure? Here’s a top 10 list:

1 - Trust - Trust is the number one quality that makes for an ideal partner. How can we even take a step on the trail, or jump onto a backcountry ski slope in the deep powder, or clip in to a harness if we don’t trust our buddy. Trusting this person can literally be the difference between life and death when playing in the outdoors in the unpredictable terrain and elements that Ma Nature throws at us constantly. 

2 - Trust - again.

3 - Trust - and again and again.

4 - Camaraderie - Telling stories, laughing ‘till our sides split, hitting the crazy views at the summit together after a painful climb — the sense of camaraderie we have with the right person or group is a powerful, important force.

5 - Level Head - Panicking in the outdoors never gets anyone anywhere. A level head is key to stop, assess and move forward with a new strategy when the inevitable not-according-to-the-plan situation arises. It ALWAYS does.

6 - Emotional Resilience - When things get hard, we always want someone who can be honest with their emotions yet also be able to manage them and not get overwhelmed by them so they get distracted from making safe and smart decisions. 

7 - Physical Competence - We all don’t need to be Olympic athletes, however it’s best to make sure everyone’s ready and in shape for the level of risk we’re going to put ourselves into. This avoids susceptibility to injury or exhaustion and thus putting everyone else on the team in the role of caretaker.

8 - Sense of Humor - Sense of humor so required. I have never laughed so hard, had so much fun, looked at life with such huge smile on my face as when I’m out with a great partner or team in the outdoors. Sheet goes “wrong” and hits the fan constantly and being able to laugh while coping is a huge bonus.

9 - Sense of Adventure - The spirit and enthusiasm we can bring to an adventure is contagious. I love being with people who are as excited to the point of almost salivating at the build-up to the adventure. And then they maintain and exude that joy and good energy during the actual adventure itself. This is 100% one of my favorite qualities.

And, finally 10 - It t all circles back to: Trust. Of course.

This motley crew of trusted adventurers formed Hell Hike & Raft 2014
through Hells Canyon & The 7 Devils, Idaho.

Some other, cheeky things might be someone who: will carry the beer, play Journey songs on the ukulele around the campfire, cook up a mean bacon burrito in the backcountry. This list is endlessly fun. 

Any others to add? Definitely share. 

So now, when you close your eyes and think of your adventure partners, who do you come up with. Is it the same as before?

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See you in the mountains. - Annie @OutdoorsyMama 

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