Summer Goal? Summit Vermont's Two Most Famous Peaks - Camel's Hump in July and Mt Mansfield in August. Crushed it!

I was dared to and I did it.
Another leap of giddy joy near the summit of Mt Mansfield, Vermont.

Official marker pin at summit of Mt Mansfield.

Summit shrouded in clouds & temps in the 40s. Wicked cold.

Two hiking goals this summer to crush. 

Summiting two of Vermont's most beloved and visible mountains -- Camel's Hump and Mt Mansfield.

Two mountain-tops I'd last seen as a kid with my dad.

Huge adrenaline rush last week as I realized my goal -- kicked it's happy buttocks! and made it onto Camel's Hump in July with my son and onto the Chin of Mt Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak, at 4,403' according to my DeLorme GPS, last week.

Looking West towards Lake Champlain and the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains in New York.

Squeaking it in just before school starts and right before my Hell Hike And Raft trip coming up in less than two weeks.

And the Vermont Weather complied just as it did as a kid. Cold. Windy. Wet. Weather. Making me shiver and laugh at it's familiarity. Even in August.

Very cool GPS tag showing our location.

So, pick your goal and do it - what a rush! Cheers! 

-Outdoorsy Mama

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