Forgive me. I am a drooling, excited idiot when my new, one man tent shows up... Hello Mountain Ultra 1 from Teton Sports. Welcome to my family.

New Gear to Review for my upcoming Hell Hike & Raft Idaho adventure

In 21 days i'm going to be knee deep in a new adventure... Actually, i'll be miles high in a new adventure - first trekking and then whitewater rafting through the Idaho Wilderness with a group of Outdoor Royalty who are also social media -- blogger, facebook, twitter, instagram -- savants. 

We'll be testing gear in the backcountry and on the Snake River for our savvy and serious sponsors.

And then we'll write and review. So that you all get a chance to see what's hot in the outdoor world, what's the scoop, and have a hoot reading about our adventures, to boot.

My new tent for the trip just showed up -- my eye-popping, orange Mountain Ultra 1 from Teton Sports -- and I couldn't contain my excitement and organized a spontaneous camping trip to Mt. Tam State Park north of San Francisco, California. I call it "pre-testing the testing tent..."

Forgive me. I am a drooling-excited-idiot. Ready to rock. 

Welcome to my family, my bright-orange, one man, Teton tent. And get ready, friends, this is going to be one hell of a fun ride.


-Outdoorsy Mama
"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: The Mountain Ultra 1 was provided to me for testing and review at no cost by Teton Sports. Teton Sports is a sponsor of Hell Hike And Raft. All opinions are my own.

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  1. i totally feel with you!!! Love it when new gear arrives!!! Also have a bright orange "family member" but different brand... ;) Greets from miss Bear ;)

    1. it's such a fun rush -- i'm so happy you have it too miss S Bear!!!