Top 3 Fail-Proof Ways to Help Your Kids Get Up the Mountain – Hiking with Kids. The OM Vermont Chronicles

As the hike up begins, a shot o' Chocolate helps rally the troops!

Yesterday, in the glorious Green Mountain State, three generations of my family began an evening hike for a picnic-dinner on the summit of the rolling Sugar Bowl Ski Area in Middlebury, Vermont.

Late afternoon lack o’ energy had turned my 3 kids into wobbly slugs. Moans. Groans. Do we have tos flew through the humid air. And I knew I’d have to switch to plan B – strategic mom action needed to cut the wet noodle attitude.

Here are a few ways to help.

The Strategery:

Chocolate – Bag o’ emergency M&Ms I usually have tucked into a lost pocket of a backpack. All we need is two little bright colored nuggets of chocolate – just two each! -- and the mood is boosted as if a surprise sugar fairy has landed on their happy little planet and the shot o’ energy zing complete.

Every step has a creature or treasure – “Look over here!” “Look down there.” “Check out this rock!” “Help me catch this frog!” As we climb steadily, I point out little natural treasures to “run up to”, thus distracting them from the climb and making the adventure a natural scavenger hunt.

Timing them – Breaking out the “Lemme time you!” from one location UP to the next creates a sense of play and revs up their competitive spirit. Pick a target that is within reasonable sight and watch their little legs take off in anticipation of “beating the time.” (Whatever time that is in their wonderful little noggins…)

Three basic ways to prevent stubborn “I’m not gonna do it” tantrums and drum up enthusiasm when needed.

Try it! 

And, as always, def share any other brilliant ideas as it takes a village of knowledge sometimes...

Namaste & Three Cheers! – OM & gang

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