Farm Fresh, End of Summer Dinner Party Menu from the Fields and Farms of Vermont

In the final days of summer break, the final moments of extended family visits, the last seconds of NOT thinking about Trapper Keepers and No 2 Pencils and Glue Sticks…… 

...we take a moment to savor the farm fresh, end of summer Vermont flavors that make an evening BBQ dinner party menu sing with deliciousness. Fresh. Outdoors. Food.

Picked 5 minutes ago, twenty long ears of sweet corn

A spirited discussion about Nor Cal vs. Vermont Cheese

Green Pasture Meat’s Chicken grilled on the BBQ

Local brewery suds

Grande finale, picked at the Charlotte Berry Farm homemade Blueberry Pie

As we take a bite of late summer deliciousness, we know we're going to be back for seconds -- next year.

Namaste & Three Cheers! --OM

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