Getting to the Summit - A Journey of Small Triumphs and Blunders

Stormy Day Looking Out from the Summit of Ajax - Aspen, Colorado.
Photo Credit: Annie Yearout

“Before you reach the summit, you slip a little on the trail, scratch your knee. Blood oozing, you use the favorite t-shirt you're wearing to wipe it, which rips as you stretch-it down to reach. 

Your sunglasses crack in half when you put them on a rock to wipe the sweat off your nose and then sit on them forgetting they are there. 

The mosquitos have found the one DEET spot you missed and all 17 bites are near your left elbow. 

It starts to rain and you’ve left your shell in the back of the car below because there was no way in hell it was going to rain today.  

Thunder rolls in and you start the 'oh sh$t' pace upward as a soaring hawk’s poop lands on your head….. 

This is what getting to the top is all about. 

It’s the journey of blunders and small triumphs along the way before the summit that you share and remember at the end of the day.

Live it.”   

–Outdoorsy Mama

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