A Mom's Commencement Speech. Oh The Places You’ll Go – Dream Big, College, The Moon! But Learn How to do Your Laundry and Pitch a Tent, Too.

If I were to give a commencement speech tomorrow at my son’s 5th grade graduation, I would start with the usual, blah, bler...reach for the stars. Never give up. Follow your dreams.

But then I’d get into the real nitty gritty. The important stuff that is vital that we moms and dads across the world pass along to our kids. Stuff that colleges and offices and funky Google campuses don’t teach.

Stuff that can get lost with these over-scheduled kids of ours who can play Rachmaninoff on a flute and bend a soccer ball like Beckham, but don’t know how to use a can-opener. 

Who teaches our kids how to use a can-opener? 

We do.

I’d say something like:

Be nice.
Use a brush. Don't get lice.
Learn how to load a dishwasher.

Be nice.
Save your money.
Donate some money.
Learn how to use a vacuum cleaner.

Be nice.
Hold open a door for a person.
Hold the hand of your mom sometimes.
Learn how to use a lawn mower.

Be nice.
Babysit an infant.
Babysit a toddler - twice.
Learn how to use your noggin when it comes to the opposite sex.

Be nice.
Complement the cook.
Clear your plate!
Learn how to not to have-to-have someone ask twice.

Be nice.
Put down the screen.
Pick up your passion.
Learn how pack your backpack for a hike.

Be nice.

Pitch a tent solo.
Sort your socks solo.
Pack your lunch solo.
Clean your room solo.

Be nice.
Be nice.
Be nice.

P.S. My son thought this was sucky -- "Nice inspiration, Mom! I know how to use a lawn mower!" 

Namaste & Three Cheers to all the graduates! –OM

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