Hiking to a Pancake Breakfast – West Point Inn Has a World Class View & A High Altitude Flapjack (2103 Dates Update!)

2013 Dates Announced for West Point Inn!
UPDATE: 2013 Dates Announced! 
Open 9am-1pm

- May 12
- June 16
- July 14
- August 11
- September 8
- October 13

Our plates of steaming hot pancakes & sausages arrived at our picnic table on the deck courtesy of a cheery volunteer in a green apron.

We were hungry.

But we’d been distracted by the phenomenal view of the Bay covered with a blanket of fog way, way, wayyyy down below us.

The place was packed. In a good way. With happy, healthy folks slugging from their water bottles and lining up for the flapjacks and feeling, well, uplifted, because the only way we’d all gotten there for this big-old breakfast was by some sort of self propulsion.

Our own two feet, by hiking boot, sneaker or bike.

You see, the West Point Inn is hidden hikers’ gem that sits on the upper south slope of the massive Mt. Tam in Marin County, CA, overlooking the entire Bay Area and offering a place to stay the night – pack it in – or a place for a little respite from the trail before you continue along your way.

Built in 1904 when the Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway used to climb the mountain, the Inn was saved from destruction in the 1940s by hiking enthusiasts and now has over 200 volunteers helping to preserve it.

But enough about that, back to the pancakes….During the summer months, the Inn throws a pancake breakfast fundraiser once a month.

Festive. Fun. Kids everywhere. And, of course, delicious, ‘cause everything tastes better after you’ve worked for it. Right? There are easy, gentle trails in– 45 minutes – and more challenging trails, of course, to burn those calories en route.

My biggest tip? Remember to throw some fresh blueberries, strawberries into your backpack to sprinkle on top of your stack o flaps. And…. Go early.

Two more dates this summer: Sept 9th and Oct 14th. See you there!

Namaste & Three Cheers. –A


  1. With pancakes everywhere, sure the kids will love it with flair.

    1. oh yes, it's a great hike for the kids and me, and sound like the gang's all going to enjoy the rest of A-Z...