Need A New Winter Hobby? How About Creating Magical, Giant Snowflakes from Snowfields Like Awesome, Crazy Brit Simon Beck

Magical Fields of Snow Made by Jack Frost?
Or a Brit Named Simon

Well, it sounds like the skiing up in Tahoe was AWESOME over the Christmas break. All reports are in and the cold weather held the snow from before the holidays and there were even still fresh tracks to be found in the trees! Wooo!!!

Friends in Colorado reported cold weather, too, and snow snow snow this year for a change. Last year all of us “skiiers” were wearing shorts and getting out our high altitude golf clubs and mountain bikes when Santa was coming down the chimney. So it’s nice to hear of more appropriate Winter Snowy Weather this year.

One guy who has had WAY too much fun in the snow so far this year is a very cool and somewhat looney dude named: Simon Beck. Simon looks like a survivor from an avalanche disaster. Which is cool enough in itself. But what is freakin’ unbelievable is what he does once he straps on his snowshoes.

He stomps, tromps and clomps out miles and miles of breathtaking artwork in the snow using a pristine, snowy field as his canvas and his snowshoes as his paintbrush. 
Simon the Snowshoe Artist

His FB page only makes you want more as he describes the experience of making his art.... and draws his ardent fans even closer:

“Last night was quite a psychadelic experience on the lake ….For the first time I got the migraine 'dazzles' (multicoloured zigzags) while working on a snow art. It was rather like having a keleidoscope projected on the snow in front of me as I plodded out the pattern by the light of my head torch. An inspiration for a future design perhaps?”


“Thanks to those who commented on the state of my toe…could it be broken, could it be frostbite, a burst blood vessel somewhere inside? Not a pretty sight for sure” (He had posted then removed a pic of said gross toe.)

Snow Art at a Ski Resort in France




Like a page out of Narnia or some Winter’s Tale where the bundled kids come over the ridge with sled in hand and discover the twinkling other-world of a magical field designed by Jack Frost.

I love it....... 

Rock on, Simon. Plod on, Simon!

Namaste & Three Cheers to you all in this New Year! –OM

*and big thanks to KG for sending this my way

Find out more at: Snow Art Facebook  and Snow Art Demilked

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