Friday, June 1, 2012

Do Your Kids' Keens Smell Like A Swamp Creature? The Solution is in Your Fridge

Save Yourself From Stinky Keens!

So today is Friday and I was hoping to write each Friday about Homework because it really is cool and important. But the truth is, I’m so darn tired from a late night at the ER last night (story at a later post – all is good: 10 blue stitches on my bungee-jumping-in-the-house 7 year old’s leg) so I thought I’d write about the MOST PRESSING element in our lives right now: the STANK from our kid’s Keens.

We LOVE our Keens. In fact, when we were in Colorado last year, we became the Von Trapp Family of Keen wearers. Each of us in our own well ventilated yet toe-covering pair just in time for our musical revue – I mean our river rafting trip.

But I digress.

The smell coming from our kid’s Keens is so rotten, we’ve banished the shoes to dark, lonely places in the house so we don't' have to see, hear or smell them as they fester... But apparently, that’s exactly the problem.

Here’s the solution according to eHow dot com:

n  go to your refrigerator
n  get out your Baking Soda
n  sprinkle it on LIBERALLY
n  shake out Baking Soda
n  throw Keen’s in gentle washing machine cycle with just a little detergent
n  air dry with a fan and a sprinkle of baking soda.

For any other shoe I would not go through this ridiculous, high-maintenance process of care. What is this, a poodle? But for the Keens, I will. Because they really are the ULTIMATE kids, summer shoe. Stink or not.

Agree or not? Have a better idea? Hate baking soda? Lemme know.

Namaste & Three Cheers. –A


  1. Sounds like the perfect solution for my little guy's Merrells, too. Thanks!

    1. give it a shot and let us know if it's the miracle cure ;) thanks!

  2. I am going to try this. Our Keens, specifically mine and my sons always smell so bad. WE just bought him Keen sneakers too.

    1. ha! lemme know how it goes! still love our keens, even if they get a little ripe........

  3. We can use baby powder or even newspaper instead of baking soda. They really work great.

  4. thanks Claire! such great ideas -- love getting more. and love the newspaper idea -- reuse recycle :) see you and your kiddos on the trails!

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  6. Hey thanks for the tip on washing, but I was just wondering where that picture of those TOMS above came from. I looked on the website and they weren't there. Are they just out right now? Because those are super cute and I would like to get some!.Then see also -howtly for more info about this topic.