Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Help Your Senior Adventure Pooch Stop Slipping & Sliding with Doggie Harness

Outside Magazine has a fun, new Guide to the Ultimate Outdoor Companion in their July mag. We’re talking man’s best friend and NOT, ahem, the guy on the cover.

Tho he might be snuggly, too.

Anyway, inside the mag they discuss the best breeds for the most adventure ready dogs. And they show all the cool gear that you can get for your active, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, rafting, trail running dog. Even a doggie First Aid Kit, a life preserver and a GPS Dog Tracker so fuzzy face doesn’t get lost in the woods (forget about the kids….)

As an owner of one of these breeds, the Labrador, I am excited to add another item to this list. However, I’d like to add it as the owner of a SENIOR Adventure Dog, as Ansel has been retired from mountaineering and his daily walk to the neighbor’s yard to secretly go doodle is his only Everest these days….

Ansel Modeling Fab Harness
It’s the Ruffwear Web Master Harnesss: “ideal for hiking, scrambling and mobility assistance.” And this is where the key comes in: for my wobbly, 85lb, Senior Adventure Dog, the spinning-out hind leg has really put a cramp in the squirrel chasing activities let alone getting up and down the 4 stairs to the yard and walking across our treacherous hard wood floors.

So I grab the handy Handle on top of the harness with one hand, which supports the back parts of his body as we walk along together over the dangerous parts of the trip. Me sort of having a little suitcase of Dog wheeling/padding along next to me until we get to steady, non-slippery ground.

It is a great solution to a very hard and heartfelt problem. And, boy does he look handsome and sporty in it!

Highly recommend it. Vets do too. Ansel’s not so sure, but this time he doesn’t get a vote.

Namaste & Three Cheers to you. -A

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