Monday, June 4, 2012

Thine/Mine Homework on a Monday: A Rare June Rainy Day… Enjoy It!

Our CA Lemons Enjoying A Rare Rainy June Day

I grew up in New England where it rains virtually all the time it seemed. There was need for escape from the dismal, soggy weather both physically (long hauls to the warm wonderlands of the Flordias and Bahamas) and mentally (yes, you might MAYBE go out for a run in the rain but, really, it was all about snuggling in with a good book and letting your inner introvert free.)

Now living on the California West Coast, aside from a few moments during the winter months, we rarely see a rainy day. Which is why it is sooo exciting to see a day of raindrops and, again, brings me back to that basic feeling of rhythm. Of snuggling in. Of adventuring with the mind with a great book and letting your body take an important time-out.

And even the kids, my California kids, get the vibe. They ask for hot cocoa (in June!) and want us to build a fire. Lax sticks, soccer balls, tennis balls, sidewalk chalk, and bikes are put down. Jammies, steaming mugs, piles of favorite books come on out and we snuggle in, relatively peacefully, for an evening of the splitter splat sounds of the rain coming down and all of Ma Nature’s inventions enjoying a refreshing wash. (Which is how my littler ones like to think of it…)

So, today, curl up. Listen to the pitter pat. Reconnect with the basics.

And, say hello to that neglected introvert who can, today, ignore the call of the outdoor wild and embrace the call of the indoor comfort zone and big fuzzy socks. 

Enjoy! I know I will. 

Namaste & Three Cheers. –A

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