Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best Soccer Water Bottle for Soccer Kids - No More Dehydrated Kids on the Field! Gear Review

Jug o' Water for when they need hydration NOW!

I have three kids, all full-steam into soccer this year. Each with two practices each week and one if not two games a weekend.... and sometimes a tournament. 

WE ARE DEEEEEEEP in Soccer-Palooza-Insanity around here.......

Which is why, this year, we've had to get serious, really serious, about hydrating our kids on the soccer field. No more teeny, little, twisty-off bottles or those tops that you have to arm-wrestle to get access to the water --- they need water, lots of it, and they need it NOW.

Enter my newest, favorite, practical, easy, inexpensive discovery.

The super basic, super practical Coleman Water Jug. 

The first size we got is a 1 Gallon size. It's little bigger than you need for one game so sometimes we only fill it half-way. Easy flip-top spout for the kids to drink from.

We loved it so much, we're getting the 1/2 gallon sizes as well, one for each kid. And the smaller size will be easier for the littler ones to cart around.

On a funny note, the jugs insulate so well, watch how much ice you put in. We gave our son brain-freeze by loading in lots of ice on a hot day. The water was so cold that when he went to drink it, he got popsicle-head instead of hydrated.... so now we do a moderate amount of ice, just enough to keep it cool and easy to drink during the game.

There has been no problem with spilling or the spout not working like I've read in a few other reviews...? That's only happened to us when the lid wasn't screwed on tight. But do your homework, check it out for yourself and keep the receipt. 

Where can you find these? The 1 gallon jug we found at the local mega-drugstore around the corner. The 1/2 gallon I poked around online to find a good deal on Amazon. Both ranged between $7-$12 each. A steal!

Your well-hydrated, soccer kids will thank you. And, you, "awesome-parent" you, just might get a little gold trophy at the end of the season, too...

Namaste & Three Cheers! -- OM

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