Top 5 Outdoorsy Mama Adventure Posts of 2016

8 Ways Hiking in the Worst Weather is the Best Hiking There Is

As we wade through the tinsel and ornaments and try to avoid grandma's "delicious" fruit cake for yet another year, it's time to wrap-up 2106 and look at the top adventure posts on Outdoorsy Mama this year:

1 - 8 Ways Hiking in the Worst Weather is the Best Hiking There Is
Hiking in a rain storm is not your average day at the office or behind the desk at school. The uniqueness of the full sensory experience lights us up from inside.

2 - 10 Gifts to Blow Her Outdoorsy Mind - Holiday Gift Guide 2016 
You have probably figured out from your man-cave core that you just might have to ROCK IT with gifts this season. Here are a few excellent thoughts to help you out to blow her well-deserved, outdoorsy mind. 

3 - Summer Hiking in San Francisco, California Through the Fog
Be prepared for a face-full of gorgeous, misty, lung-quenching fog when hiking around the Bay Area June through August. A marine layer sits over the Pacific Ocean in the summer and meets up with the cool waters along the coast. This creates a low-lying fog that comes in and out of the San Francisco area all summer long.

4 - Yosemite Waterfalls - 4 Waterfalls to Put on Your Bucket List in Yosemite National Park
We threw the kids into the car and road-tripped it up to Yosemite to get a look at the giant water flowing this year after an incredibly wet winter. Wow wow wow. After being so parched with the drought after so many years, it was pure joy getting to hike in the California Sierras with huge water everywhere. This is what we found.

5 - Spending Time in Nature One of the Secrets to the Happiest Places on Earth
The people in Denmark know from a personal and public health level that for the wellbeing of not just that child, but of their society as a whole, it’s important to focus resources on the seemingly simple, but often overlooked, concept of Nature Play. And this is the BOOM of this film.

The overall theme for this wild 2016?

Get outside and immerse our Families and our Selves in Nature, no matter the weather. In fact, sometimes the worse the weather and the harder the challenge, the better the adventure and the more we learn about our place in the outdoors and ourselves. 

We've got this.

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-Annie @OutdoorsyMama

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