10 Gifts to Blow Her Outdoorsy Mind - Holiday Gift Guide 2016

10 Gifts to Blow Her Outdoorsy Mind. Holiday Gift Guide 2016
Hey Guys. It's December let's do this!

So, you probably think of yourself as this guy. You're a legend, an icon, a symbol of mankind's absolute potential: 
 The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Though, for real, your outdoorsy gal probably thinks of you as this guy:

You attacking the cheese puffs on your couch.

So you have probably figured out from your man-cave core that you just might have to ROCK IT with gifts this season. Here are a few excellent thoughts to help you out to blow her well-deserved, outdoorsy mind

Stocking Stuffers That You'll Want to Steal Back

1 - UST Pocket Sized Survival Tool
Mini-survival tool cutouts that come in cool, playful shapes like Sasquatch, hiker-dude and moose. Dangle one from her pack or her keychain, you'll want to steal these back immediately. 
Awesome shaped multi-tool: dog, hiker, mountain bike.
2 - Olomomo Nuts
Protein packed snack for the trail, all the flavors are delish but watch for the Cinnamon & Cayenne almond pack. You literally can't stop with just one or 700. Addictive trail food. 
Nuts, nuts about nutty trail food.
3 - Yeti
The Most Interesting Man probably has a Yeti. It's just that cool and we don't know why. The 30oz Tumbler is prime stocking stuffer real estate for her massive morning coffees and her chilled, evening, mama's-happy-juice sipping around the fire when the kids are in the tent and you're ignoring their endless call-backs. Done. 
Get ready for her Yeti.

4 - Garbage Picker Tool
Stay with me here. These are definitely awesome for sword-fighting however the "teaching our kids to be responsible human beings while doing our part to clean up Nature" is the real score here. Get one not just for your outdoorsy honey's stocking but also one for every single human in the house and then GET OUTSIDE. Adopt a street or a beach or a stream and start cleaning up. This is a feel good, win-win, yes-yes for your Outdoorsy Mama and the whole family including your disapproving mother-in-law who you've been trying to win over since day one.
Garbage picker-upper that even your mother-in-law will love.

Gifts Under the Tree For Her to Rip Open Like a Wild Person 

5 - Sherpani Bags
Sherpani means female sherpa, which is basically what the Outdoorsy Mama in your life does all day long: schlepping your gear, the kids, random things around all day. These bags are gorgeous and make me want to run through their flagship store in Boulder and throw each and every one on my back and squeal like a young tween. Sleek, hip, and extremely practical, this up and coming company should be on the "keep an eye on" list for new bags each season. 
Wearing the Camden Backpack yum.
6 - Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket
You have no choice, legend Yvon Chouinard's almost cantankerous attitude about buying his gear makes us want to support him and his nature-forward corporate philosophies and thus buy his gear even more. I'm nuts about the Nano Puff jackets made from some recycled content which come in a plethora of colors and are lean, warm, layering pieces that I drag around with me everywhere. If your gal is into warm, windproof, water-resistant AND taking care of the planet, this may just be your A+.
Nano in the Tetons.
7 - Stio Environ Ski Pants
I love discovering young companies. Found these guys on a recent trip to Jackson Hole and, honestly, anything associated with Jackson or the Tetons makes me swoon so that's always a good starting point. Their gear is high quality and I love the feel of their Environ waterproof, breathable ski pants which I plan to give a true beating on the mountain and trails this winter. 
Goody, goody my Stio ski pants ready to go.
8 - Kick-Arse Cowboy Boots 
There's nothing that makes us Outdoorsy Mamas feel freer than when we slip on our cowboy boots and head out for the night. Every outdoorsy gal needs a pair to have as a go-to at any point in her life to remember the kick-arse, fun, wild side of herself. Yes.
Every gal needs to kick up her heels in a pair o' these.

For the Thunderclap All the Way Back to Home Base Win

Coordinate this 5-Star gift with your man-buddies. Send your Outdoorsy Mama off for this weekend getaway with a group of her gal-pals to sweat, get dirty, be happy. Put on by REI, this a bonding, learning, connecting through nature adventure that she'll remember for the rest of her life. And YOU and your kids and your dog made it happen. Set to sizzle!

On a paddle board. In Mexico. Or anywhere for that matter... Give her any yoga retreat in any location for a few days of R&R away from the kiddos for her way overtaxed mind and body and you'll not just be the garbage-taker-outer in the household any longer. You'll be "The Man". The wildly-thoughtful man.
Your unbelievably happy Outdoorsy Mama on a yoga or Outessa retreat.

Finally, Sierra Trading Post for Everything Else
I don't always give away gift certificates to Sierra Trading Post, but when I do, you better enter.  Enter over and over -- even once a day on Twitter, my friends!

In honor of my three seasons as a writer with the outdoor, gear supply gang at Sierra Trading Post, we're putting up $50 bucks for an e-gift certificate. This'll help you find that perfect something for that well deserved outdoorsy honey of yours. They've got a ton of good stuff. 
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-Annie @OutdoorsyMama

Disclaimer Giveaway: Giveaway is open to US Residents only and starts on December 1 12am and ends on December 8 12am. The winner of one $50 gift certificate will be announced and a response within 48 hours is required. 

Disclaimer Gear: Olomomo, UST, Sherpani provided gear for me to field test and review. The Sierra Trading Post people are rock stars and provided a gift certificate for giveaway. All opinions are formed, thought over, mulled, churned and are 100% my own. (In other words, I make zero money from the sale of any of these items, I just LOVE the products.)

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  1. Exciting! Love the gift ideas!

    1. you might need the Yoga R&R after your big move!!

  2. I just want to travel, I think I have enough stuff

    1. methinks this will be in your stocking, kovas...... #travel #notCoal

  3. The summit with REI might have to be a gift for my outdoorsy gf and myself! Win win.

    1. i know, right? total win win hope we bump into each other up there one of these times!!

  4. Love the list Annie -- I'm going to start shopping :)

  5. I want to get a pair of warm boots.

    1. cold feet no -- warm boots yes! agree do you have a fave brand? sorrel? :)

  6. Oh yes, cowboy boots! I practically live in mine:o) Great list.

    1. best boots ever -- meet at the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole??

  7. #10 Yoga Retreat Pleeeeze! Luv it.

  8. On my list - a random trip to explore a new area!

    1. one of my fave things to do -- hop in the car spontaneously and head off w/out set plans. love it Diana!!

  9. I desperately need a new winter jacket! Great gift guide Annie!

    1. check out Stio Jen! new out of jackson. patagonia always doing good too. stay warm!!

  10. Perfect! I was able to share to my hubby's FB with comments, of no, Have, don't need, YES YES YES -- Boots and anytime on 9 and 10. Thanks!

    1. wow you are on it! he's got this nailed no doghouse woo!

  11. Running shoes are on my list.

  12. Audra O'Hara12/03/2016 8:49 PM

    I need a new pair of snow boots. I've been looking around and haven't quiet made up my mind yet. My daughter could also use some snow pants.

  13. I really want one of the new full face snorkel masks hoping to take it somewhere warm this winter.

    1. ooh i hope you get to hit the warm weather sounds amazing, annamarie!

  14. I'd love running gear, including trail shoes.

    1. what would i do with out my trail shoes -- agree kristen!

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