Yosemite Waterfalls – 4 Waterfalls to Put on Your Bucket List in Yosemite National Park

View of Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap from John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park
We threw the kids into the car and road-tripped it up to Yosemite last weekend to get a look at the giant water flowing this year after an incredibly wet winter. Wow wow wow. After being so parched with the drought after so many years, it was pure joy getting to hike in the California Sierras with huge water everywhere. 

This is what we found.

1 - Vernal Fall

The trail leads up from Happy Isles and is our first chance to get soaked by the mist from the massive waterfall by simply hiking along the trail – which becomes a giant staircase – as it winds its way next to the roar of Vernal Falls. A hugely popular destination, the adrenaline of the elements and slick, wet rock keeps us literally on our toes and clinging to the handrail at the top of the falls as we skirt a cliff.  317 feet Vernal Fall Hike Trip Report

2 – Nevada Fall

Almost an oasis at the top, there are calmer pools of water here with misleadingly tranquil pools, and at one point in the old days a hotel was located at to top of Nevada Fall. To get there, The Mist Trail follows the river up, straight up again and through some switchbacks as we find ourselves hiking next to the giant plume of water spray. Water shoots straight out like a thunder cloud as it crashes off the rocks alongside the trail. Powerful. 594 feet Nevada Fall via Panorama Trail Trip Report

3 - Bridalveil Fall

We’re Yosemite regulars these days, having raised our kids with Yo as our local national park. So Bridalveil Falls is the star of the tunnel view photo always, and this year is as spectacular as ever. Located very close to parking off the main drag, this is easy access for all, no massive hike required. 620 feet

4 – Yosemite Falls

With the distinguished title, Highest Waterfall in North America, Yosemite Falls has easy viewing from the bottom close to civilization where, amongst the giant trees, we can crane our necks and look up up up. Or, we can head out on the trail that skirts the valley for a while and then switch-backs-and-forths from each section of the three falls which make up the entire 2,400+ feet. Today we see the falls from our truck's window. No time this quick trip but we do get to be wowed by the massive volume dropping from the top of the valley to the bottom. Just wow. 2,425 feet Hiking to the Summit of North America's Highest Waterfall

There are more. So many more. But here’s a starter kit, a highlight reel.

As always, be aware of hiking conditions and stay on the trail. The pools at the top are so inviting, but they’re also incredibly strong and are not to be messed with, especially during high-runoff.

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