Summer Hiking in San Francisco, California Through the Fog #adventureTravel

San Francisco summer fog creates a mystical hiking experience through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Be prepared, adventurous hiking friends, for a face-full of gorgeous, misty, lung-quenching fog when hiking around the Bay Area June through August. A marine layer that sits over the Pacific Ocean in the summer meets up with the cool waters along the coast and creates a low-lying fog that comes in and out of the San Francisco area all summer long.

So on that note, be prepared. Pack your layers and don’t be surprised if you need a full fleece for the day when out on the trails around the Golden Gate.

The good news?

1 -- The fog is beautiful and adds a mystical quality to the day.
2 -- It’s not freezing – rather, it’s just cool in the 50s and 60s and feels refreshing and actually is quite a perfect “hiking temperature”.
3 -- It often burns off by 1-2 o’clock in the afternoon.
4 -- You can literally hike above the fog on our local Mt Tamalpais and be in hot, sunny conditions and look down on the fog creeping throughout the bay.

Views from above the fog on the flanks of the Bay Area's Mt Tamalpais.

The fun news?

The fog has a name and a Twitter handle. He’s a San Francisco local who we all interact with, especially during the summer months. Meet Carl the Fog, at times our nemesis when we’re hoping for a hot, sunny day and for whom we’re always grateful to for keeping our vegetation lush & green in the fog belts.

So grab your jacket and see you out on the cool, summer trails!

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