I’m Excited to Announce 2015 Partnership with Outdoors Empowered Network – Giving Back to Organizations who Get Kids Outside

My daughter’s nine year old head pops out of the bright yellow, Teton Sports one man tent I’ve just set up. A huge smile on her face, we’re at a campground on Mt Tamalpais, San Francisco’s hovering green giant, a mountain playground for the Bay Area in California.  

We’re surrounded by camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, filters, dehydrated food, camping stoves, bug dope, s’mores makings, and dirt. Lots of dirt.

She hums as she helps organize my sleeping pad and bag, remembering to put the headlamp somewhere accessible and finds a long lost Farm to Feet hiking sock in the bottom of my sleeping bag. Treasure!

She now turns to me to help her set up the tent she’ll share with her twin sister. Engaged, curious, happy. She’s in the flow of outdoor goodness, working with nature and in nature to connect to the basics in life. The outdoors.

THIS is what drives me to my exciting announcement for my blog’s and my outdoors passion’s journey to Give Back in 2015. I am stoked, thrilled, psyched, and pumped to announce my partnership with the Outdoors Empowered Network. A leader in the non-profit world who’s goal, mission, intent, every breath is geared towards creating the infrastructure so that kids from every background have the chance to have the same experience that my own children have: connecting kids to the outdoors.

Getting kids outside is vital to their education and growth.
I have dedicated time this year to help them spread word about their mission through my incredibly awesome, stewards of the outdoors, social networks. And I’ll be writing and sharing stories about Outdoors Empowered Network, the outdoor organizations they support like Bay Area Wilderness Training, and the large numbers of kids that they impact nationwide by getting these kids out into the wilderness safely and happily.

More to come! Stay tuned. In the meantime, please take a moment to sign-up for Outdoors Empowered Network’s newsletter for a short, informative, monthly recap on the work they are doing with outdoor organizations and kids throughout the country. Newsletter Sign-Up

It’s going to be a great year. See you on the trails! -OM

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