Monday, January 5, 2015

Joining the "Hike It Baby 30 Challenge" Means Getting Me and a Kiddo Out on the Trails for 30 Minutes, 3 Days a Week in the New Year. And You Can Win Prizes, Too.

Hike it Baby connects & inspires parents to get outside with their kiddos to battle the baby-blues...

Moms of newborns, dads of a toddlers, parents of twins... remember your life BK - Before Kids - when you loved to hike but now have a new creature in your life who's all soft arms and legs and diapers and organic baby food and doo-doo.... and you're just not sure what to do with yourself anymore....

I recently found out about a newish group called, appropriately, "Hike It Baby" and their Hike It Baby 30 Challenge starting NOW, this month of January. 

Their goal is to inspire us to get our fannies outside, even during these coldest of months, with all the snow and ice and rain and harsh weather that Mother Nature throws at us in the New Year....Yes, HIB is urging us to get outside with our kiddos - bundle up those babies - for 30 minutes at a time, 3 days a week for these 31 days of January. 

And, for that effort, not only do we get to join a motivating group, but also, you get entered to win outdoorsy prizes, too. 

Hike It Baby's ultimate mission is to get mamas, and dads, back outside into the fresh air to minimize the "baby-blues" post-partum-depression that can creep in to an unsuspecting parent's life. And to help us find like minded people who are in the same "oh-my-god-i-now-have-a-kid" boat -- to either meet up to hike with, or at the very least, support each other online. 

I've been so impressed by the enthusiasm of the group and their fearless leader, Shanti, I've decided to give this a shot myself, even though my kids are older. 

I'm going to grab one of my 9 year old twins and have her join me. She may not be in diapers, but she can throw a great tween-attitude here and there, so it's a different kind of parental challenge to get us outside after a long day at school... "Don't be so embarrassing, Mommmmmmmmm." For breathing...

Let's see how this goes.... join me? 

-Outdoorsy Mama

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