Micro-Adventure California. If You're Having a Blast or Cursing the Gods, It's a MicroAdventure. Dipsea. Rain. Wet. Slippery.

680 steps. Start of the Dipsea Trail, California. Micro Adventure. 
Rain. Wet. Slippery. 

The perfect micro-adventure morning. 

Three sets of the famous 680 stairs of the Dipsea Trail. 

Surrounded by redwoods. As tall as the masts of our Mayflower ships. And as wide as our stomachs after a massive Thanksgiving Day feast. You know we over-did it. A little. Or a lot.

I was motivated. Feet flying. 

If you're having a blast. Or cursing the gods, it's a Micro-Adventure. Make your own. 

-Outdoorsy Mama

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