The Crew: #HellHikeAndRaft. Meet This Group of Witty, Enthusiastic, Outdoor Adventurers from around the Country Who Took On the 7 Devils. Trail Family.

Adam, our fearless leader, Day 2.
If there was one way to describe this outdoorsy crew it would be: witty, funny, hysterical, inclined towards hilarity. All with giant backpacks on their backs as we scale the ridge of the He Devil or paddles in their hands as we dig thru a man-eating rapid. 

It was non-stop adventure combined with non-stop jovial razzing, stories, and entertainment.

Maybe someone spiked the fresh, mountain water? Maybe someone spiked the GORP? Who knows. But it worked. We jelled and laughed for eight days straight. And as I quipped on #hikerchat this morn, they're my Trail Family now. And each day was like Thanksgiving Dinner - pure dysfunctional fun.

So let's meet this witty, enthusiastic group who left sane loved-ones at home to hit the extremes in Hell's Canyon already...

Russ and Adam
Russ the WineHiker
Adam the Mastermind Hiking the Trail

Val and Tara
Val in Real Life
Tara the Skiier & GunSlinger

Jeff, Shannon and Jes
Jeff who Beats up Bears & Howells from Missouri
Shannon the Croom
Jes the Chronic Climber Chick

Scott and Paulina
Scott who Hikes Forward
Paulina who makes Little Grunts

Wendy's Newland Family Adventures

and Trevor who Hikes Colorado

This outdoorsy crew of bloggers and social media wizards will make you laugh 'till you cry. It was a hoot and an honor to play with them every single day. No matter how stanky we got. 

And the download at the the end of each day, warming up by the campfire, Sierra Cups in hand and delicious food in our bellies, is when the real fun began. Favorite moment of each day. 

Shelf Lake Camp, Day 1
So cheers! to this crew and come back, there's more........

-Outdoorsy Mama

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