Day 2: TRAIL STORY: You Know When You Reach the SUMMIT? That Feeling of Pure Adrenaline & Peace at the Same Time? Meet the Snake River from Thousands of Feet from Above. #HellHikeAndRaft

Summit of the World: Dry Diggins Lookout over the Deepest Canyon in All of North America

You know when you've reached the summit of something. I don't care if it's the summit of your bunk-bed or an ant hill when you were a kid, or the summit of freakin' Everest or the mountain you've been meaning to climb forever or the Empire State Building.

You know that feeling of pure JOY -- that exhilaration that pulses through your exhausted-from-a-huge-day-of-effort body -- and when you look out over the land far, far below, the neurons in every single cell of your being are buzzing with clarity and freedom?

THIS is that moment.

Welcome to the summit of the deepest river gorge in North America, Hell's Canyon with the Snake River roaring below. Deeper than the Grand Canyon. 

In this single moment, I know there is a reason I am out here with twelve new friends, lugging around giant, gorgeous, red packs and sleeping on the ground every night.

THIS is that moment when we all stop. Find our breath. Find our insides while we look outside. Find that space to know, from somewhere primal, why we hike and move in nature. Why we explore. Why we adventure.

Welcome to a deep calm yet bursting with hoot! hoot! fire on Day 2 of our trip. 

Heading down to Cow Camp with the backside of the 7 Devils to our left.

We take some time to soak it all in from thousands of feet from above and then, late in the afternoon, head back down to Cow Camp in the trees for the night. Golden light and clouds continue to gather as we descend. 

Warming up by the campfire after a big day on the trail

As the temperatures drop that night and snow flurries are in the forecast, and I snuggle into my hopefully warm enough sleeping bag..... I, honestly, end up freezing my arse off all night long. Still, I find myself shivering at 2am, 4am and 6am with excitement and giddiness both about the soul-filling day behind and what's coming up next. 

Snow flurries in the forecast at Cow Camp tonight.

I can not wait for the next day as we climb down over 6,000 feet through poison ivy and tree covered trails to the warmth of the Snake River. Machete required. (No joke.) 

Come back for more....

-Outdoorsy Mama

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Disclaimer: Farm To Feet and FishPeoples are sponsors and provided gear and food for testing for #HellHikeAndRaft. All opinions are my own.


  1. Good stuff. Can't wait to hear more.

    1. hey thanks andy! it's been a blast writing about it all now. tho i'd rather still be out there ;).... cheers!