Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads – Yes YOU! Cairn, REI Outdoor School, ENO Hammock, Southern Utah in VW Camper, Big Agnes Sleeping Pad.

Here you go, Honey! 
Ok. Let’s be serious here. Dad’s numero uno gift would be Mom in a sexy dress. Strappy heels. Freshly opened Fat Tire Belgium Ale in one hand. Remote in the other.

But that’s a fantasy and a beer selection you two can play out another time. Wink! Here are top 5 ideas to WOW your Outdoorsy Hubbby for Father’s Day:

Cairn Gear Box – Perfect for the Dad who likes to see what’s new, current, hot in the outdoor industry. Every month a new box arrives filled with a sampling of cool gear, trail food, skin care on the trail, and apparel accessories. Like: headlamp, gloves, energy bar, bug dope. He fills out a “profile” to help them pick what is best for him, and for only $25 bucks/month, he gets a new box filled with gear each month. You can get a one time box or a subscription (yes, like a magazine) that shows up each month for as long as you want.  Cairn Box "How it Works"

REI Outdoor School – This is the kind of school I could enroll in FOREVER. Welcome to REI outdoor school. Yeah, your guy thinks he knows which exit to get off on on the highway. We’ll give him that. But imagine the navigatory satisfaction he’ll have after taking a professional navigation class with compass, map, GPS and a giant freaking wilderness designated mountain in front of him. Like a Route-Finding-Rock-Star. There are classes in everything from navigation to kayaking to rock climbing. And speaking from personal experience – I recently took a Wilderness Medicine class – these are FUN and make you feel powerful. REI List of Outdoor Courses

ENO Hammock – This ain’t your grandma’s hammock. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. I have a friend, yes you W.N., who slings this up at the summit of every hike and hangs and enjoys the view, sending pics back down to us mere chair-sitting mortals. Throw it in your backpack, sling it between two trees at the top, feet go up, and it’s naptime. Happy Dad. ENO Hammock Selection

A Trip Thru Southern Utah in a VW Camper – Ayeeeeee - bucket list! This one takes the cake. Grab your packs, the kids, the dog, and don’t worry about the kitchen sink – it has one! Zion, Arches, Bryce. Moab, Dinosaurs, and, heck, finish or start it all in Vegas. Throw in the VW cool factor and your outdoorsy hubby/dad may never recover from the glow and flow of this trip. Can I come?  VW Westfalia Camper Floor-Plan  (p.s. a friend L.F. is renting one of these this weekend for a local camping trip - brilliant.)

Big Agnes Sleeping Pad – Clearly it all comes down to keeping Dad, comfy, eh? But he deserves it. Throw a Big Agnes underneath him at the next camping spot and Dad’ll sleep like a baby. I first found out about their greatness from Backpacker Magazine. After being tested by thousands of wild outdoorsy types slinging gear to the top of the world and back, Big Agnes came out on top. AND they’re from Steamboat, Colorado, one of my fave places. Super comfy, i love mine. Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Selections

Enjoy & Happy Father’s Day to you kick-arse dads!

-Outdoorsy Mama
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” –Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: Cairn is a sponsor for an upcoming gear testing trip #HellHikeAndRaft that I am a crew member of in September in the Hell's Canyon Wilderness Area in Idaho. However, my opinions are my own and I write about what I like and believe in in my own words.

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