Hendy Woods State Park, California - Camping for Families: Redwoods, Swimming Hole, Wine Country, Fresh Salmon, Near the California Coast!

Hendy Woods State Park Campground in the Redwood Trees

What: California State Park with great Family Campground, Mendocino County.
Where: 2ish-3 hours from San Francisco.
Highlights: Coast Redwoods, Water Hole, Wine Country, Fresh Salmon at Local Market, Near Highway 1 along California Coast.
Temps: Moderate. Bring layers.
Tips: Book early. Fills up fast with groups. Reservations
Other tip: Bring the kids' bikes!

Throw it all in the car and get yourself here! Amass a big group of families or come with your core group - Hendy Woods campground is a giant, redwood tree, magical find, with tons to do for busy camping families. 

Soft pine needle carpeting on large camping sites make it comfy and still nature-y -- and the giant loops of roads that form the campground make it the perfect track for kids on bikes. (Drive slowly, kids darting in and out all over the place.)

A water-hole nearby is a must on a hot day, and wineries and the ocean in one direction or the other sort of make you rub your eyes and mumble quietly to yourself: Is this a dream? Pinch!

There's a market just minutes from the campground that sells everything you've forgotten. And has gorgeous, fresh, local salmon scooped right out of the Pacific Ocean nearby. 

Our kiddos look forward to it each year. 

-Outdoorsy Mama
"Look deep into nature, and you will find the answer to everything." -Albert Einstein

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