I’m All for #BanBossy, but Parenting a Future Leader Can Be – Whew! – A Handful. The Other Side, Motherhood Part Two.

Pink says: don't shut up!
I’m all for embracing Sheryl Sandberg’s new Lean In campaign to delete the word “bossy” from our vocabulary and instead fully support & champion those head-strong, feisty, take-no-prisoners qualities in our little girls.

Yes, #BanBossy!

However, I’m wondering if Sheryl has twin girls – age 9 – who quite seriously would like to run my household, your planet, the universe???

Pink, the kick-ass, pop-rock star’s recent quote running through the social media channels: “It’s about being alive and feisty and NOT sitting down and shutting up. Even though people would like you to,” is all well and good.

And I support it. Conceptually.

But has Pink tried to get a set of feisty girls off to school this morning? Each determined to create their own hair-doo, pick thru the lunch I made for them “I wanted Cranberries! Not Raisins, dear Mother!” and battle me through sunscreen application wars.


I feel there should be support groups set up for the moms and dads of this “embracing the leadership qualities of young girls.”

“Hi, my name is Annie, and I’m a mother of two future leaders of America…..”

“HI ANNIE……..”

With a twinkle in her eye (I was there – I saw the twinkle), Sheryl’s advice to a room full of mommy-bloggers at a BlogHer conference last summer was to: take a deep breath in this very moment of being run around by our daughters and realize with amazement and adoration, hey, my daughter is demonstrating excellent Executive Leadership skills! (The crowd went wild…)


By the time they leave for college, I may be seriously blue in the face, starved of oxygen for the next ten years with all of the giant, deeeeep breaths and possible breath-holding that I’ll need to be doing. Or, I may be the most chill, forward thinking mom out there. Time will tell.

So, yes, #BanBossy. Bring it on. And, I’ll set up a couple of extra oxygen tanks, just in case.

Be. Breathe. Do it. – OM

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