Finally. Finding Healthy Food for Our Kids & Adventures will be Easier. New Food Labels Proposed by FLOTUS & FDA. Good for Families.

 The old labels: Huh? It's all gibberish...
Three active kids, three different eating habits. 

But one main goal = how to feed them the most healthy, chock-full-of-the good-stuff calories each day to keep their engines running, their noggins synapsing. And keeping those tempting foods - made of mostly "empty calories" - as an occasional treat, not the meal.

Yes, i'm talking about food again. Nutrition.

As what i've realized with my kids and with our extraordinarily active lifestyle, is how VITAL it is to have the right kind of food to fuel their super-sonic engines every single day. 

And how when they don't have the right kinds of foods, the right kinds of calories, they end up crashing early, getting crabby, having less stamina, and feeling kinda cruddy after the sugar rush is gone. The thrill is gone….

Good news? Yes, good news is that FLOTUS as she's known on Twitter - First Lady of the United States - and the FDA have proposed changes to the labels of food that we buy everyday at our Safeways or Piggly Wigglys. Tackling the confusing "how much is a serving size" head scratcher and even throwing in an "avoid too much" section. 

Yes! We will finally be able to understand what all that gobbley-gook on the labels mean!

These changes may take a few years to shift and have a long road to be approved, but it's a positive step in the right direction for parents, kiddos and all consumers.

The ultimate goal? 

"You…should be able to walk into a grocery store, pick an item off the shelf & tell whether it's good for your family." 


Be. Breathe. Do it. -OM

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