Yo Yo Yosemite with Kids – Family Biking on Flat Trail System Whilst Gazing at World Famous Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, El Capitan Takes Our Breath Away!

Unloading near Yosemite Falls
Epic, epic, can I say it again, epic day of biking with the family today in Yosemite Valley.

Parking our beast on Southside Drive, we unload our five bikes that’ve been toted up to high-country for this exact moment. The valley is lush. Vibrant, green grasses in the protected fields flank the wandering Merced River and the start of our ride. As we whizz by, wildflowers pop their colorful heads here and there.

We pedal east. The spectacular, still-booming-in-July Yosemite Falls on our left creating photo-op after photo-op.

Stop for a dip in the Merced
It’s hot. Record breaking temps in Cali. So we pit-stop at the Merced and jump in for a perfectly chilly soak that gets rid-of our overheated engines and recharges us. No need for towels, Ma Nature’s blow dryer is doing all the work. 

Hunger calls, so we zip on a dirt-trail to the historic Ahwahnee Lodge, ditch the bikes, change into “a little more respectable” shirts, and enjoy a civilized lunch of kids’ cheeseburgers and salads. Great kids menu & v kid friendly.

Headed to Mirror Lake
Half Dome ahead!
On the bikes again and fueled up, we continue east to Mirror Lake. It’s at the base of Half Dome, so I am, of course, in jaw-dropping awe. We park the bikes and walk the .5 miles to the lake, which in July is more like a river with a good swimming hole.

Half Dome granite-gazing-in-awe completed after we lie on our backs and take 10 minutes of silence to look UP, we hike back to the bikes and through the giant forest of ponderosa and sugar pines and dotted campgrounds due west we go!

Favorite Part: All bike trails are, for the most part, flat. Easy for the “no-gears-yet” bikers.

Favorite Part: World class scenery – flanked by granite walls.

Favorite Part: Ditching the car gets us out of the crowded hubbub of the holiday week. Never felt crowded until we stopped for ice-cream at Yosemite Village – which only felt festive!

This is a MUST DO.

Namaste & Three Cheers! – OM

For More Info:
Yosemite Bike Path Map (The Green Guide) – scroll down to page 2

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