A Stand-Up Paddle Board that Fits in a Backpack? Yup! Enjoy Your Paddle, Roll it Up, and Check it Into Baggage Claim for Your Trip to Adventure!

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard You Can Bring Anywhere!
This weekend at a wedding on the gorgeous, glorious, warm Russian River just north of the Bay Area in our spectacular Wine Country, the fam and I were taking a dip in the river. Enjoying the lush greenery, refreshing water and the multitude of mama ducks w/gaggles of babies following them around.

It’s the kind of river that has boatloads of canoes and kayaks of every make and model – filled to the brim with kids in orange life preservers and wild paddling in every direction by novices. SO happy to see and be a part of everyone out and enjoying Ma Nature’s waterway in 90 degree heat….

When from around the river-bend comes Cousin T from the wedding, paddling his on his Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP). Calmly, peacefully, he beaches his board where we are milling around happily stalking the ducks and eating our lunch.

As we chat with Cousin T about his long, enjoyable paddle, he pulls out a plug, and the giant board…….. thbbbbbbbbt……. squishes down and becomes a limp noodle on the ground. What the what???

Yes, an inflatable SUP!

There is a paddleboard in this backpack!

According to Cousin T, who flew in for the weekend from New Jersey, he brings it everywhere with him. And I nod in agreement as I then witness him rolling it up like a camping mat … roll, roll, roll…. and then place it INTO a backpack that also holds the pump that comes with it.  And, finally, he then throws the pack on his back and, with a wave, heads to the hotel to clean up for rehearsal dinner. WOW.

Sorta like the Origami Kayak that fits into your closet that I wrote about last year, it seems that the fab outdoor gear industry is continuing to understand the VITAL role that space saving places in our gear-cluttered lives!

There are many companies that make these SUPs. Cousin T swears by Red Paddle Company, which is what he owns after much research and the cool SUP we saw in action this weekend. Do your homework.

So, shall we meet on in New Zealand or Costa Rica or on a lake in Wisconsin? Don’t forget to pack clean undies, and your inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard!

Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

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