Obama Nominates REI's Mama CEO for New Outdoorsy Guru for the USA! (Interior Secretary)

Well, how cool is this.

Who knew that when i was wandering the gear-bogglingly-fun REI aisles the other day looking for camping gizmos with my 11 year old  (because you know that during ski-season you start thinking about camping... and during camping season you start working on ski-season) that Mr. President Obama would be hashing it out...... "Well, America, who shall we nominate to take care of our Ma Earth?"

Go Sally Jewell.


Go Obama taking care of our public lands.

And as Possible Future Interior Secretary Mama Guru Outdoorsy Sally Jewell has been quoted: "There's nothing like a taste of nature to nurture the soul."

I like this lady.

Let's see what happens with this interesting Jewell in the rough who shows up at Washington polititco dinners "toting a backpack and water bottle, talking up the importance of America's national parks."

Namaste & Good Luck! -OM

Interesting The Daily Beast article @ Sally J.

Care 2 Make a Difference article @ Sally J.

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