How to Prepare For Your Family Ski Trip: The Checklist for both East Coast & Out West Skiing. More Ski Stories!

Western Ski Bowl on Blue Bird Day. Hello Squaw Valley, California.
I had fun with this the other day, so let’s quickly do some more! 

First, decide if you are skiing on the East Coast or Out West.

Then, follow the checklist accordingly & prepare:

Out West -- Brand-new shape skis, rad snowboards
East Coast -- Downhill skis from 1984 (which are taller than the trees in the backyard)

Out West -- Well-ventilated, tree-proof helmet
East Coast -- Red Sox, scratchy-wool, knit ski-hat with pom-pom your cat plays with from the “Random Warm Stuff” drawer in the basement

Out West -- Gortex, North Face, windproof, weatherproof, breathable, black ski pants
East Coast -- Jeans

Out West – Sunscreen, sunglasses
East Coast – Neck warmer, face mask, goggle defogger, earmuffs, headband

Out West Phrase You Should Know—Could you put some sunscreen on my face?
East Coast Phrase You Should Know -- I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE.

Out West Lingo -- Rad, dude, shred, somebody stole, my iPhone
East Coast Lingo -- Wicked, awesome, Schnapps

Out West Lunch -- $100 for chili, side salad and a rehydrating, organic, raw Kombucha drink
East Coast Lunch -- $2 bucks for a Snickers and a glass of free water

Out West If Stuck Upside Down in A Tree-Well Emergency Item – Peeps, shovel, buddy-system
East Coast If Stuck Upside-Down in A Tree-Well Emergency Item – What’s a tree well?

Out West -- Leave on Wednesday night to avoid 8 hour, weekend ski traffic
East Coast -- Drive a few minutes, they’ll be another ski hill around the corner

There we go!
Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

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